Summer Lawn Care Schedule

As summer’s warm and sunny days approach, it is important to keep up with your regular lawn maintenance as it continues to grow. Here’s our recommended Summer lawn care schedule.

Mowing in summer

Regular mowing is always important. However, your mowing intervals will increase throughout summer to keep up with accelerated growth. As a rule of thumb, it is best to mow regularly enough so that only one-third of the leaf is removed with each pass. Mowing earlier or later in the day is preferred in order to avoid the peak heat of the day.

If mowing is becoming overwhelming, you could apply a Plant Growth Regulator such as Primo Maxx. This product reduces vertical leaf growth of your lawn while stimulating lateral and root growth. Meaning your lawn can still thrive through summer, just with less mowing!


Watering in summer

If your lawn looks dry in-between rainfall, you may need to water your lawn. Some tell-tale signs that your lawn needs water can include:

  • Dry or wilting leaf
  • When walking on your lawn if a footprint is left behind, it is likely your lawn is lacking water
  • During hot weather, if it is dry and crusty
When watering, it is best to water for longer less frequently (try aiming for one 1-2 hour session per week). It is also best to water in the morning before the heat of the day to prevent heat related evaporation. Avoid watering in the afternoon/night watering to help prevent the lawn from sitting damp overnight.

Is your water working?

Hydrophobic soil is caused by the decomposition of organic matter, which leaves a wax like substance forming a coating on soil particles. A wetting agent like Lawn Soaker will break down this coating allowing water to penetrate.

Regularly applying Lawn Soaker will ensure the spil re-wets and prevents further dry spots from forming.

Fertilising in summer

If you fertilised your lawn in spring, it’s now likely time for another application. Most common slow release fertilisers will provide nutrient for your lawn for up to 12 weeks. So, if you fertilised your lawn in early to mid-spring, now is great time to give it a top up.

Summer fertilising helps your lawn maintain an even growth pattern. Most fertilisers have added nutrients, which work to give your lawn the correct balance of nutritional requirements.

You must water in your fertiliser after applying, otherwise you risk burning the leaf of the grass. If you don’t have a pop-up irrigation system, it’s a good idea to apply fertiliser before rain to save water. 

Rescue a tired Summer lawn

Lawn Rescue is designed to restore lawns that have lost colour and appearance due to drought, heat or lack of water and nutrients. Which makes it a great option to use in summer in general, but also if your lawn seems to be in a bit of stress or has suffered from some leaf burn.

This perfect blend of liquid fertilisers, seaweed extracts and wetting agents is ideal for all new and established lawns. Lawn Rescue promotes the development of root systems and growth in new lawns, and stimulates, supports and protects root growth in established lawns year-round.

Check out our Summer lawn care packs available on our online store – delivered to your door or with collection from our depot in Green Fields.

We hope you are your lawn stay cool this Summer!

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