Tiftuf Grass Adelaide

Exclusive Installer of Tiftuf Grass in Adelaide

Choose TifTuf grass and you’ll never have to worry about Adelaide’s dry summer ever again. Having a green backyard and garden is a must for many Australians. However, it can get challenging, especially when there’s water scarcity. Fortunately, at The Turf Farm, we offer a wide range of grass options that can stand the test of harsh weather conditions. We take pride in our fully accredited team members that ensure accurate installation and a seamless process.

In addition to that, we plant our grass with love and nurture it with devotion. This exceptional approach to installation has been witnessed by many clients in South Australia. With our many years of experience, we have gained a deep understanding of how yards are not just home features but also an avenue for lifetime moments. That’s why we offer free advice for life to ensure everyone can create more meaningful memories.

TifTuf grass Adelaide
TifTuf grass Adelaide

What is TifTuf Grass and How to Care for it in Adelaide?

TifTuf Bermuda grass is a famous choice in Adelaide homes. In fact, this product has been perfected over 25 years which has resulted in its tolerance to drought. Aside from that, it has been developed by world-class scientists to offer superior shade, quick and self-repairing features. According to data, in less than seven days, it can grow roots that are 75% faster than any other variety of grass. Moreover, TifTuf only requires an average of 38% less water compared to other varieties.

Despite its robust nature, TifTuf grass still needs to be taken care of. Since this variety is a fast grower, weekly mowing is helpful. Regularly watering the grass should still be done to keep them looking at their best before the drought takes place. If you’re wondering about fertilising requirements, they don’t need much. Actually, TifTuf grass looks great with minimal fertiliser, as putting too much on can cause discolouration or low performance. 

Why Choose The Turn Farm to Be Your TifTuf Grass Installer in Adelaide

When you purchase TifTuf grass in Adelaide, you’re not just getting superior grass. Instead, you’re about to experience a new way of life. That’s why at The Turf Farm, we don’t compromise the grade of our products. We are committed to delivering the promised quality you deserve. We offer a ten-year warranty that ensures you’re grass has been grown and harvested to the highest standards. This means you’ll have weed and disease-free products that meet your satisfaction.

“I’d just like to add that the result is way beyond my expectations and to thank all those involved in the process of getting the turf to this point, the office and growing staff at The Turf Farm as well as the logistics people who ensured that the delivery was on time.”
– Graeme, Melrose Park

TifTuf grass Adelaide

We provide fast and premium TifTuf grass installation in Adelaide. Call The Turf Farm today for a free quotation.