How To Lay Instant Lawn

A quick overview and a comprehensive guide on laying down your new instant lawn

If you install Instant Lawn correctly, it will last a lifetime.​

We’ve teamed up with prominent people in the industry to get the word out on the best methods to install your instant lawn. If it’s done right and cared for properly, it will last a lifetime.

How to lay instant lawn - overview - by Jason Hodges

A quick overview with hints and tips on laying your new lawan

Some of the do’s and dont’s when preparing the ground for your new lawn.
Considerations and advice when it comes time to lay down your new lawn.

How to lay Instant Lawn

Comprehensive Guide by Kim Syrus​

In The Garden with Kym Syrus

From an empty area of hard clay with weeds growing to a beautiful fresh green lawn, Kim Syrus works with the crew from The Turf Farm through the 5 steps of successfully laying new instant lawn.

1/5 Choosing Lawn

Kim Syrus talks with Chloe and Paul from The Turf Farm about the first stages of laying a new instant lawn.

2/5 Site preparation

Preparing the area ready for the lawn to be laid, including excavating the base and laying the right soil.

3/5 Irrigation

Paul and Kim discuss the best methods for watering, testing your water capacity and the importance of getting the base done right.

4/5 Installing your lawn

Tracey from The Turf farm talks with Kim about the final stages of laying your freshly cut turf onto your prepared site.

5/5 Aftercare

Kim talks with the Paul, Tracey and Chloe about what to do after the lawn has been laid to keep it looking fresh and green.

Choosing The Right Lawn For Your Garden

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