Need A New Tall Fescue Lawn?

Tall Fescue grass provides you with several options for improving your lawn resilience and durability. This grass adapts well to various climates, including cold, heat, drought, and shade. For this reason, The Turf Farm recommend this grass to most Adelaide and South East residents, where the climate is cool, and rainfall is high. This grass provides a superior lawn developed by Turf scientists. The lawn is deep-rooting, thick, lush, cool seasoned, and can tolerate heat and dry conditions. The lawn has the highest winter colour retention compared to other turf types available in Australia, this is because its roots can travel up to 2 metres underground to access water that is not normally available. The grass creates a superior thick lush that is a soft touch and gentle even on bare feet.

Tall Fescue
Tall Fescue

The Benefits Of Our Tall Fescue Lawns

If you want to purchase RTF Tall Fescue, have a consultation with us and discuss your needs. At The Turf Farm, we pride ourselves in supplying quality fresh-cut lawns with a premium service that is second to none. We will also back our lawns with a ten-year product warranty as proof of quality. Our RTF Tall Fescue lawn comes with several benefits. The lawn is the only true self-repairing Fescue available. The grass can send out new roots and shoots, allowing new plants to grow, this helps in thinning patches in your lawn to revitalise themselves. The lawn is also perfect for relaxed and boutique gardens with low wear and tear. Since it is a cool-season lawn, it remains active during winter, and it can also handle up to 70% of the day in the shade. As such, you can enjoy it all year round. Another benefit you get when you purchase RTF Tall Fescue is the high-quality outcomes it provides.

Reasons To Choose Us For Your Tall Fescue Lawn

Our ten-year warranty guarantees you that the RTF Tall Fescue has been grown and harvested to standards. Your new lawn is weed and disease-free on delivery, and it will perform excellently in its new environment. The Turf Farm believes that the best memories begin with the smell of freshly cut grass, and that is why we provide you with lawn varieties that suit your lifestyle. We also pride ourselves on having the experience to provide you with quality products and services. Our team plants all lawns with love, nature them with devotion and harvests them with your happiness in mind. Creating your dream space is the fun part of our entire business. The Turf Farm is the largest supplier of lawns in South Australia, so trust that we know what works for our Adelaide residents. We offer delivery services to Adelaide and surrounding areas such as Adelaide Hills and Barossa Valley, so contact us if you require Tall Fescue lawns for your property today!

Tall Fescue

Do not settle for a lawn that will lose colour over winter when you can have the evergreen Tall Fescue lawn. Contact The Turf Farm today!