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Artificial Lawn in Adelaide is Popular, But Won’t Beat Fresh Grass

Installation of artificial lawn in Adelaide has been popular for many years. However, synthetic grass does not provide the lush and refreshing atmosphere real lawns offer.  As a true local, we believe that the best memories of Aussies are made in the backyard with the sizzling sound of BBQ and the smell of freshly cut grass. That’s why we make sure to source out premium fresh lawns that can maintain precious family days.

As a family-owned business, we understand how valuable it is to spend time with our loved ones. Even a simple bonding moment spent in your garden can create beautiful memories that you can cherish for life. With this, our team offers exceptional service to deliver quality and delightful service to our customers. We don’t stop at providing you with a pleasant experience while installing, but also after years of usage.

Artificial Lawn Adelaide

Why You Should Choose Real Grass Over Artificial Lawn in Adelaide

While an artificial lawn in Adelaide can be installed faster, it don’t offer the true sensory pleasure real grass does. Fortunately, we offer Sir Walter DNA Certified, which is a real lawn option that offers you features similar to synthetic grass, such as:

1. Low Maintenance

Unlike other real grass options, Sir Walter DNA Certified does not require extensive mowing. Moreover, it is less likely to get pestered from weed and bug infestation due to its tight growth habit.

2. Resistant to Drought

Sir Walter DNA Certified can withstand harsh weather conditions as it can be trained to require less water.

3. Instant Yard Face Lift

Contrary to what most people know, Sir Walter DNA Certified is an instant lawn installation choice. This means it will cost you less and cause you minimum inconvenience.

4. Kid and Pet Friendly

Unlike artificial lawn in Adelaide, real lawn will not pose a danger to your kids and pets. After all, it is natural and does not contain harmful materials.

What Our Customers Say About Choosing Real Grass Over Artificial Lawn in Adelaide

At The Turf Farm, we deliver collaborative work when installing fresh lawns so homeowners won’t resort to an artificial lawn in Adelaide. Our team guarantees to help you in selecting a lawn variety that best suits your garden. We are so confident in our products and services that we offer a ten-year product warranty and reliable post-installation assistance. Our premium service is famous across South Australia and has been exceeding expectations for years.

“We are pleased with our lawn – it has taken really well. We’ve had so many comments on it. Grant was great when he delivered the lawn. He didn’t just drop it and run, he actually took the time to discuss it with me and give me some tips and pointers. We couldn’t be happier and the kids are extremely happy that they now have a lawn in the backyard to play and run around on”.

– Rachel, Largs Bay

artificial lawn adelaide

Skip artificial lawn in Adelaide, and enjoy the benefits of fresh lawn. Contact The Turf Farm team today.