Lawn Installation Adelaide

Get Quality Lawn Installation in Adelaide

Our team is committed to providing you with professional lawn installation services for your Adelaide property. We will do all the hard work and allow you to enjoy your beautiful green lawn without lifting a finger. The Turf Farm is located in the heart of Mallee and services all of South Australia with beautiful lawns. We are a family-owned and operated business, and we take pride in supplying freshly cut lawns with a premium service that is second to none.

The Turf Farm has a team of 20 members dedicated to providing a high-quality customer experience. We do things differently since we believe that the best Aussie memories start with the smell of freshly cut grass and the sound of a sizzling BBQ. We plant all our grass with love, nurture it with devotion and harvest with precision. In other words, we operate with the customer’s happiness in mind.

Lawn Installation Adelaide
Lawn Installation Adelaide

Specialising in Lawn Installation and Delighted Adelaide Customers

The Turf Farm can help you with lawn installation on your Adelaide property. Instant lawn is an excellent way to turn your garden into a beautiful living space. However, you must consider a few things before buying an instant lawn. You must select a lawn that will suit your needs and area to ensure long-term happiness.

Our team at The Turf Farm have taken the confusion out of the lawn selection process by choosing the best performing varieties in Adelaide. We stock DNA Certified Sir Walter, TifTuf Bermuda, RTF Tall Fescue, Eureka Kikuyu, and Nullarbor Couch.
We start by assessing the environment you want to lay the lawn in. Our team will consider several things, including;

  • What is your climate like?
  • Is your lawn area in the sun or shade?
  • What is the topography of the site?
  • Will water run off it?
  • What is your soil type?

Most turf varieties do well in light sandy soil types. You can bring in soil to mix with your ground if you do not have light sandy soil. Our team will help you choose a lawn that best suits your requirements.

Lawn Installation Adelaide
Lawn Installation Adelaide

Work with Our Lawn Installation Experts in Adelaide

Our team offers the leading lawn installation and associated services to Adelaide homeowners, council, and commercial customers. We encourage our customers to boost their new installed lawn by applying fertiliser. Sir Launcher Starter Fertiliser is a highly recommended starter to help your lawn through the establishment phase.

You should also spread a Lawn Launcher under the turf before laying the new lawn. Do not forget that you will need to fertilise your lawn in six weeks to keep it established. Regular fertilising from this point will keep your lawn in peak fitness condition and equip it to resist pests and diseases better.
“We are so happy with our new lawn! From the first enquiry, to your response and helpful assistance, right up to delivery, couldn’t have gone better. Delivery we as planned and your driver was most helpful also”.

– Terry Boyle.

No lawn installation job is too big or small for our Adelaide experts. Call us today for more information.