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Sir Grange - Logo

Sir Grange

The new ‘star player’ in the Aussie turf market.

Sir Walter DNA - Logo

Sir Walter DNA Certified Buffalo Grass

Australia’s number 1 buffalo lawn. The perfect all-rounder.

Tiftuf - Logo


Hybrid Bermuda grass forged by the worlds leading turf grass scientists.

RTF Fescue - Logo

RTF Fescue Grass

Self-repairing Fescue lawn which enjoys the cooler weather.

Nullarbor Couch - Logo

Nullabor Couch Grass

Fine leaved, wear and heat resistant couch grass that is great for sunny areas.

Eureka Kikuyu - Logo

Eureka Kikuyu Grass

The economical all-rounder, great for full sun areas.

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Outdoors Indoors logo

Kim Syrus heads up SA’s newest lifestyle show on Channel 9. The Turf Farm helps out with advice on keeping your lawn beautiful!

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The latest TV commercial for DNA Certified Sir Walter Buffalo Lawn

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3 days ago

The Turf Farm

What better place to be, on cold and wet winter's afternoon, than inside watching Outdoors Indoors at 4:30pm today on Ch9 SA. Lots of great stories to share. Enjoy! ...

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