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Selective vs Non-Selective Herbicides

We often talk about selective and non-selective herbicides but what really is the difference? Selective and Non-selective are two main classifications used to describe the

FAQs with our Lawn Consultants, Steph and Caroline

FAQs with our Lawn Consultants

Our Lawn Consultants Steph and Caroline are here to take you through some of the most common questions they get asked about lawn and lawn

TifTuf Bermuda lawn and logo

All about TifTuf!

Have you heard about TifTuf Bermuda? If you’re in the market for a new lawn, it’s likely you have come across TifTuf Bermuda. It is

Aerating forks in lawn

Why you should aerate your lawn

Aerating is a great tool in your lawn care regime. Your grass needs space below ground to take in air, nutrients and water. Your lawns’

TifTuf price

How much does TifTuf Bermuda cost?

TifTuf Bermuda is now the number one selling instant lawn variety in South Australia. It is extremely popular for its long list of impressive benefits.

Autumn to do list

Autumn lawn care to-do list

Autumn is a wonderful time in the garden – mild temperatures, colour changes and the chance of some rain to ease on irrigation needs. It’s

Lawn Solutions Fertiliser with Autumn leaves

Autumn fertilising

Prepare your lawn for winter, and ultimately spring, with the most important fertilise of the year! These are our top tips for your autumn fertilising.

Lawn Solutions Grub Guard Ultimate and Lawn Solutions Battle Insecticide

Bug fighting products!

The one thing you don’t want in your lawn is damaging pests! Prevalent through South Australian gardens, bugs can do a lot of damage to

MLSA mini golf day presented by The Turf Farm advertisement

MLSA Mini Golf Day

On Friday 1st March 2024 Tracey, Kirsty and Caroline from The Turf Farm joined Master Landscapers of South Australia (MLSA) to present their second MLSA Mini

Sir Walter DNA Certified or TifTuf Bermuda

Sir Walter or TifTuf?

How do you choose between South Australia’s two most popular instant lawn varieties? Do you go with Sir Walter DNA Certified or TifTuf Bermuda? These

Mowing lawn with a scalping patch. Is your lawn scalping?

Is your lawn scalping after mowing?

Do you notice brown patches that form immediately after mowing?  Is your lawn scalping after mowing?  It’s a common problem, especially with fine leaf varieties

three heart shaped balloons with Love Your Lawn written

Give your lawn some LOVE

Happy Valentines Day! This Valentines Day why not give your lawn some love? It will certainly be appreciated and you will be rewarded with a

Best lawn for South Australia

Best lawn for South Australia

South Australia’s varied and sometimes harsh climate can be tricky for some lawn varieties. We have hot and dry summers paired with often cold and

New years resolutions for a better lawn inspo

Your lawn New Year’s resolutions

Now that we’re at the end of January, how are your New Year’s resolutions tracking? If you’ve already ditched the diet and had a few