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Summer Lawn Care Schedule

As summer’s warm and sunny days approach, it is important to keep up with your regular lawn maintenance as it continues to grow. Here’s our

A complete mowing guide

A well cared for, freshly mown lawn not only looks awesome, it’s also great to walk on and play on. Anyone can achieve it. The

Check your lawn sprinklers

The weather is warming up and summer is just around the corner! Time to check your sprinklers to make sure they are watering all of

Mow less with Primo Maxx PGR

Has your lawn gone crazy this spring? Is mowing a chore you’re doing more often than not? What if we told you there was a

Lawn top dressing tips

When is topdressing a lawn necessary? In most cases top dressing is done to correct poor preparation and lack of soil underneath or to fill

Lawn FAQ

We know finding the right information about lawn can sometimes be overwhelming and there is often conflicting information available. Plus, not all information is relevant

Spring Lawn Renovation Guide

The time has come to start thinking about a spring lawn renovation! Now that your lawn is actively growing again and warmer weather is expected

Good soil for great lawn

Getting your soil right from the start is essential for a great lawn! Successful establishment of all lawn types relies on good soil preparation. Without

Bug prevention for your lawn

Grubs will often target the healthiest looking lawn on the street as their next tasty meal. When lawns get attacked by grubs, they often will

Backyard Revival

As featured in SA Gardens Spring issue, 2023 There is nothing more cemented into the classic Australian way of life than the iconic, lush green

What is the best lawn variety?

If you’ve never had lawn before or aren’t sure about all the different varieties, you might ask ‘What is the best lawn variety?’. The thing

Top 10 lawn care mistakes

When it comes to lawn care, there are some activities that your turf will praise you for, but others that should be avoided. In this

Healthy soil for lawns

A healthy lawn is built on healthy soil The best, greenest lawn in the street has a secret underneath…their soil. In order to establish, grow

5 musts when laying new lawn

Laying lawn is easy, but there are some steps we don’t recommend skipping! Here are 5 musts when laying your new lawn. Bring in new

Preparing your soil for new lawn

Successful establishment of all lawn types relies on proper soil preparation. Preparation for establishing a lawn usually begins after construction activities have finished, or before

Anatomy of Grass

Have you ever been curious about the anatomy of grass or wondered what each part of the plants function is? In this blog, we dissect

How frost impacts your lawn

Now that we are well and truly in winter, frosts might be a more frequent occurrence. But how does frost impact your lawn and what