Winter Lawn Care

No winter lasts forever, no spring skips its turn!

Although winter can feel like a formidable few months, it won’t last forever and spring will be back in no time at all. 

While your lawn lies dormant, it’s a good time to do some general maintenance to your mower such as sharpening the blades, replacing the spark plugs and replenishing with clean fuel. 

Weeds are opportunistic and it’s unlikely you’ll manage the whole season without encountering them. Treat them as soon as you can by hand-pulling or with a selective herbicide application.

Watering in Winter

Since the rain will be helping you out, watering can be dropped back to only as necessary. If your lawn looks dry or is wilting, a top up water won’t do it any harm. It’s ideal to water your lawn first thing in the morning over winter to combat frost and to decrease the risk of fungus and disease.

Fertilising in Winter

Hopefully you did a pre-winter application of fertiliser in autumn, this will have given your lawn all the nutrients it needs to help it through the colder months. When your lawn is dormant through winter, it doesn’t have the capacity to uptake nutrients like it does in warmer months and therefore fertilisers aren’t used as effectively. In winter we recommend Colourguard Plus which is a fertiliser mixed with natural grass colourant that can instantly restore the colour of your lawn while protecting it from frosts.

lawn mowing

Mowing in Winter

If you have a warm season lawn such as buffalo, kikuyu or couch, the chances are you aren’t mowing in winter at all. These lawns go dormant to protect themselves from harsh winter conditions and therefore slow down their growth significantly during this time.

You can mow if your lawn looks like it needs it, just remember to keep the mower height high to protect the lawn from the cold.

Winter Colour

Warm season lawns like buffalo, kikuyu and couch can lose significant colour through winter, especially in frost-prone areas. This is completely normal and your lawn will bounce back to its lush green colour once the weather starts warming up again in spring. 

Colourguard Plus is a fantastic product to use this time of year if your lawns brown colour is bothering you. It’s a natural grass pigment that absorbs into your lawns leaf and will instantly restore its green colour!

Our favourite products for winter!

Colourguard Plus

A liquid fertiliser with a natural grass pigment that instantly restores the colour of your lawn!


A weed pre-emergent to tackle a range of annual grasses and broad leaf weeds before they become a problem. Apply seasonally for year round protection.

All Purpose Weed Control

A broad spectrum herbicide that can tackle common pesky weeds such as bindii, creeping oxalis, catsear, clover, cudweed and dandelion.

If you have any concerns, please email through pictures and our friendly staff will be happy to give you advice to ensure your lawn performs its best.

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