Spring Lawn Care

Spring Your Lawn Out Of It's Winter Woes

The Spring Lawn Renovation

Putting in the work now will help prepare your lawn for the summer ahead. Now that your lawn is actively growing again, there’s a whole range of things you can do to ensure it looks tip top through the rest of the year!

Winter can be hard on your lawn, so now is the time to think about giving it a refresh with weeding, dethatching, aerating, fertilising, watering and topdressing.

Watering in Spring

During winter your lawn probably didn’t require very much water at all, but now the weather is warming up, you need to start treating your lawn to a drink. 

Remember: Longer, deeper watering will encourage strong root development and an overall happier and healthier lawn. We recommend 1 hour once or twice a week.

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Fertilising in Spring

Spring is a perfect time to fertilise your lawn. Using a fertiliser high in nitrogen will help your lawn bounce back to its lush green colour and a slow release fertiliser will continue replenishing your lawn for up to 10 weeks.

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lawn mowing

Mowing in Spring

A good mow will help get rid of any winter weeds that may have popped up during the colder weather, plus giving it a haircut will bring it back to its neat and tidy state.

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When your lawn starts growing again in spring, it will be able to fight and keep out weeds a lot better. If you have any weeds that have made your lawn their home over the last few months, now is a good time to remove them to give your lawn a fresh new start. As there are a few different types of weeds, there may be a few different treatment options to consider. It’s best to identify your weed first and then to pick whether hand pulling or a herbicide will do the job best. 

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Over winter your lawn may have suffered from some compaction that can negatively affect its re-growth into spring. Aerating your lawn will aid air, water and nutrients to reach the roots where they are needed most and promote strong root development. All you have to do is use a garden fork or similar to poke holes throughout your lawn, then you can fertilise and water in well. It’s a good idea to do this annually for high traffic areas or where soil quality might be an issue.


If your lawn is looking and feeling a little spongy, you may have built up a thatch layer. Thatch is the build up of dead organic matter and debris that builds up underneath your lawns leaf and produces a spongey, thick profile that will inhibit essential nutrients from reaching your lawns roots. There are a few different ways you can tackle thatch depending on the severity and the variety you have. It’s recommended to dethatch around end of Spring when the weather is consistently warm. Kikuyus and couches respond really well to a ‘hard-mow’ or ‘scalping’ where you essentially take them back to the dirt and let them re-grow. Be careful with your Sir Walter lawn as it only grows from runners above ground and therefore will only tolerate a low mow. Avoid dethatching cool season grasses like RTF as they won’t recover.

Our favourite products for springtime!

Lawn Solutions Premium Fertiliser

Supercharge your lawn with this premium lawn food. Fast and slow release granules packed with essential nutrients and trace elements encourage strong growth and rich colour.

Lawn Soaker

Lawn Soaker is a ready to use soil wetting agent specifically developed for use on lawns. It improves the penetration of water so it can reach deep down to the roots. Regular use will ensure the soil re-wets and prevents further dry spots from forming.

All Purpose Weed Control

A broad spectrum herbicide that can tackle common pesky weeds such as bindii, creeping oxalis, catsear, clover, cudweed and dandelion.

Aerating Sandals

The easy way to aerate your lawn. Simply strap on over your shoes. Great for clay base lawns needing regular Gypsum application and to loosen high traffic & compacted areas


A weed pre-emergent to tackle a range of annual grasses and broad leaf weeds before they become a problem. Apply seasonally for year round protection.

Primo Maxx Growth Regulator

#1 Selling Plant Growth Regulator (PGR) - Reduces grass growth while increasing density and durability. Less mowing and a stadium quality turf at home!

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