Lawn Installation

Let the Turf Farm help you lay the perfect instant lawn

What should you consider before planting your turf?

What should you consider before planting your turf? Instant lawn is a great choice to turn your garden into a beautiful living space but before you buy some and roll it out, there’s a few things that you should take into consideration.

Lawn selection suited to your needs and area is critical to your long term happiness with your choice. The Turf Farm supply a selection of lawns to suit your area… we have taken the confusion out of lawn selection by choosing the best performing varieties in our region!

Our house of brands includes different breed types so you can find a perfect lawn for your project and style.


Area, Conditions
and Soil

The starting point for any instant lawn is to consider the environment you are laying it in. Here’s the main points to be aware of so you can plan for a successful lawn.

    • What is your climate like?
    • Is your lawn area in sun or shade?
    • What is the topography of the site? Is it sloping?
    • Will water run off it?
    • What is your soil type?
      Sandy, clay or loam?
    • Is the soil compacted or water repellent?
    • How are you going to irrigate the lawn? Pop up, sub surface, sprinkler?

Most turf varieties prefer a light sandy soil type. You may need to remove soil or bring in soil to mix with your soil. Gypsum applied at 1kg per M2 is recommended where there is clay subsoil, topped with 20cm of a good top soil from your landscaper.


Different lawns have different purposes and knowing how your lawn will be used will help you to choose the best lawn for your needs.

    • What is the purpose of my lawn?
    • Do you have kids?
    • Do you want a low allergy lawn?
    • Do you have pets?
    • Is it a high-traffic area?


Lawn is very versatile and can be used in many different ways to enhance your garden. Be creative and design a space that you’ll want to spend time in.

    • What design elements do you need to take into consideration?
      Garden, clothesline?
    • What other outdoor living space do I have?
      Pergolas, seats, BBQ’s, pool?
    • Visual aspects?
      How does it look from the door or the street?

With all this in mind give us a call on 08 8577 8826 and we can help you choose the lawn that best suits your needs.