Kikuyu Grass Adelaide

Economical Kikuyu Grass In Adelaide

Kikuyu Grass in Adelaide is one of the most economical lawns on the market. Besides thriving in full sun, the Kikuyu lawn also has a high cold tolerance making it perfect for Adelaide’s weather conditions. The grass is a vigorous grower allowing it to repair quickly if worn out. It also has a deep root base to help it withstand the hottest summer days. Kikuyu’s vigorous growth habits make it ideal for families with pets, kids, and sports fields.

Kikuyu grass is effective in Adelaide as it spreads by vigorous growth from stolons and rhizomes. This grass grows both on top and underground, popping up in new areas. This growing habit makes it ideal for planting out larger and erosion-prone areas. It grows faster compared to other lawn grasses, therefore it is suitable where mowing, invasion of the garden, and excessive shade is not an issue. Call our experts at The Turf Farm if you have any questions regarding the Eureka Kikuyu Grass.

Kikuyu Grass Adelaide
Kikuyu Grass Adelaide

Benefits of Kikuyu Grass In Adelaide

Due to its deep root base Kikuyu Grass is perfect in Adelaide as an all-year grass. However, exposure to frost can turn it into brown, but it will quickly spring green when the frost is over. This grass is a male sterile variety meaning that it does not spread through seeds. This means that it can go beyond the confines of your lawn if you neglect it. Like always, The Turf Farm will never compromise on quality. We promise the quality you deserve and provide you with a ten-year warranty when you purchase our Eureka Kikuyu Grass – this warranty is unmatched by any other provider!

Creating Happy Outdoor Spaces With Kikuyu Grass In Adelaide

At The Turf Farm, we care for our customers, and we strive to deliver the Kikuyu Grass in Adelaide that suit their needs. We supply the best lawns and associated services to homeowners, council, and commercial customers. The Turf Farm started from humble beginnings and grew to service all of South Australia. We also offer delivery services to Adelaide and surrounding areas like Adelaide Hills, Murraylands, Mid North, Flinders Rangers, York Peninsula and the  Riverland, however, if you’re interstate, let us know and our consultants will discuss what we can offer you.

Kikuyu Grass Aldelaide

The Turf Farm provides quality Kikuyu Grass for Adelaide property owners, businesses and councils and we always strive to make our customers happy!