Summer Lawn Care

It's summer! The memories are just waiting to happen!

As glorious as the summer heat is, it brings along some new and unique challenges for our lawns. The best thing you can do for your lawn through summer is to ensure it is receiving plenty of water and has enough nutrients to keep up with its accelerated growth.

pop up sprinkler

Watering in Summer

During hot conditions, especially wind, your lawn will require extra watering as it may dry out. So when you watch the weather report and notice a hot week coming up, get off the couch and into the garden and pour that water on!

It’s recommended to give your lawn long deep soaks instead of light splashes every day, this will help to develop a strong root system that is better equipped to tackle extreme weather conditions such as drought. Watering early in the morning will help reduce the chances of fungus attack.

A good watering system that has uniform watering will save you money on your water bill. Check with your local landscaper on the most water efficient system for your lawn.

Fertilising in Summer

Summer is the time to fertilise your lawn, so if you haven’t already done so, get a good quality fertiliser and feed your lawn.

Do not apply fertiliser to your lawn during the heat of the day. Mornings or late afternoons are best. If a significantly hot day is forecast, it would be best to wait and apply when conditions are milder.

lawn mowing

Mowing in Summer

Summer is the peak growing season for your lawn and therefore it will require regular mowing through this time. You want to keep on top of the leaf growth, so you don’t remove too much at a time. Removing more than a third of the leaf at any one time, will cause stress to the grass roots. Minimising the amount of stress that is caused to the turf is especially important at this time of year. Mowing earlier or later in the day is preferred in order to avoid the peak heat of the day.

Apply a wetting agent

Hydrophobic soil is caused by the decomposition of organic matter, which leaves a wax like substance forming a coating on soil particles. A wetting agent like Lawn Soaker will break down this coating allow water to penetrate.

Important points to be aware of in Summer!

It is important to select the correct variety for your region. There are some fantastic drought tolerant and water saving varieties on the market such as Sir Walter DNA Certified buffalo or the first lawn to receive the smart approved water mark, TifTuf Bermuda.

If you are unable to water due to water restrictions or you’re going away and your neighbour won’t water your garden, Buffalo and Kikuyu varieties can be left to go brown, but will generally bounce back if fully established.

Lawn will keep your home cooler- the surface temperature is 10 degrees cooler than bare soil, 20 degrees cooler than concrete and 40 degrees cooler than artificial turf!

Dry or patchy lawn?

Water, Water, Water!

Under-watered lawn is the biggest lawn problem we come across through the hot summer months. A good watering program is essential to ensure a happy and healthy lawn for life and we highly recommend a fully automated irrigation system, where possible.

How do you know if your lawn needs watering?

Try the simple footprint test.  Walk across your lawn and if you notice your footprint remains indented, your lawn is lacking water. If your lawn bounces back, it has adequate water.

Read more about watering your lawn here.


From short 10 minute waters frequently to

long deep waters less frequently

Just one weeks’ difference with increased watering.

(TifTuf Bermuda in Summer)

If you have any questions or concerns about your lawn, please give us a call or email at
The Turf Farm office and we can help you achieve a lawn you will love!

Our favourite products for summertime!

Lawn Solutions Premium Fertiliser

Supercharge your Sir Walter DNA Certified with this premium lawn food. Fast and slow release granules packed with essential nutrients and trace elements encourage strong growth and rich colour.

Lawn Soaker

Lawn Soaker is a ready to use soil wetting agent specifically developed for use on lawns. It improves the penetration of water so it can reach deep down to the roots. Regular use will ensure the soil re-wets and prevents further dry spots from forming.

Primo Maxx Growth Regulator

#1 Selling Plant Growth Regulator (PGR) - Reduces grass growth while increasing density and durability. Less mowing and a stadium quality turf at home!

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