Soil Adelaide

The Reliable Soil Experts in Adelaide

Soil is the key to a breath-taking lawn in your Adelaide property. For this reason, The Turf Farm strives to provide quality soil for all types of lawn applications. We are a family-owned and operated business by Paul & Tracey Daniel, who live on the property with their three children. The family diversified their broad-acre farming business to include irrigated commercial instant lawns in 2003. They are now one of the largest lawn suppliers in South Australia. We offer retail services and can deliver to all Adelaide and surrounding areas.

We take pride in supplying quality fresh-cut lawns with an unmatched premium service. Our team genuinely cares for customers and will help you buy and care for the property you love. Our vision is to supply the highest quality instant lawn and associated services to homeowners, council, and commercial customers in South Australia. Call us today to see how we can help you.

Soil Adelaide
Soil Adelaide

Learn More About Our Soil in Adelaide

Soil-type classifications can be complicated since different classification systems depend on the intended use. The Turf Farm specialises in instant lawn varieties, including Sir Walter DNA Certified, Australia’s most loved lawn. For this reason, we know the type of soil that enhances your lawn’s beauty. Our Adelaide team deals in the following soil types.

  • Hartley 80/20 Sandy Loam
  • Jeffries Forest Mulch
  • Jeffries Forever Black Mulch


  • Jeffries Forever Brown Mulch
  • Jeffries Forever Red Mulch
  • Jeffries Special Soil
  • Lawnhub Premium Turf Mix

The sandy loam is an ideal base for instant lawn since it gives the perfect consistency for lawn establishment and growth. The Jeffries Special Soil has an additional composite organic matter to add nutrients to your soil. The Jeffries Forever Mulches hold their colour and lustre for many years and do not lose their vibrancy. Our lawn consultant is ready to help you if you need clarification on what you need.
Soil Adelaide
Soil Adelaide

Contacting Our Soil Experts in Adelaide

The Turf Farm will deliver the soil you want directly to your Adelaide property via tipper truck Monday to Saturday. We love our customers and do everything possible to meet and exceed their expectations. Our prices are competitive, and we will ensure your lawn gets the best soil. Many homeowners do not consider soil composition a potential threat to the health of their lawns. Unfortunately, most grass problems stem from unhealthy soil. For this reason, considering the type of soil your grass needs is essential. Our soil experts will help you whether you renovate your lawn or start a new one.

A healthy lawn requires soil balanced with sand, silt, and clay (Loam soil). Loam soil holds moisture, drains well, retains nutrients, and allows airflow. As such, it is the ideal soil for your lawn. However, you might need mulch to prevent soil from drying out, suppress weeds, and insulate your garden against sudden temperature changes.

Are you looking for the correct soil or mulch for your lawn in Adelaide? Call us today to help you care for your lawn.