How to prevent weeds growing in your lawn

It’s that season again where weeds rear their ugly head. Sometimes it can feel impossible to keep on top of them but there are things you can do before they pop up to prevent weeds growing in your lawn.

Keep your lawn healthy

The obvious but not always easy solution is to keep your lawn nice and healthy. Healthy lawns have strong, deep and thick root systems and dense growth that makes it harder for weeds to grow through. 

Lawn Solutions 10kg Fertiliser

To ensure your lawn is healthy going into the cooler weather, where weeds are most prevalent, make sure to fertilise while it is still growing in Autumn. This is the most important fertilise of the year to ensure your lawn is strong going into winter. A slow release granular fertiliser like Lawn Solutions Premium Fertiliser will give a steady dose of nutrients for up to 12 weeks.

Regular mowing helps to keep your lawn healthy and encourage thick lateral growth of your lawn, which in turn will help to out compete weeds. Keeping your lawn a little longer through the cooler months helps with turf health and also shades weeds from growing through.

Protect with pre-emergents

The second best tool for preventing weeds in your lawn is to apply a weed pre-emergent. They are essential for us in production of weed-free turf and should be a priority for residential homes too. Oxafert and Oxafert Plus will stop weed seedlings from germinating in the soil and therefore prevent weeds from growing and spreading through your lawn.

Lawn Solutions Oxafert 3kg bag
20kg Oxafert Plus

They also contain a balanced ratio of Nitrogen, Phosphorus, Potassium, Sulphur, Iron, and Magnesium to give your lawn a boost. For best results apply in mid to late autumn while your lawn is still growing.

Be vigilant - treat weeds as soon as they appear.

We know when it is cold outside we tend to spend less time in the garden and therefore weeds can often get out of control. However, a great way to prevent weeds growing in your lawn is to stay on top of the ones that do get through.

Remember, one year’s seeds, seven years’ weeds. 

Pull any weeds that pop up in your lawn before they have the chance to set seed. If they are particularly stubborn choose a selective herbicide to eradicate them before they become a problem. Our favourite easy weed control for a range of broadleaf weeds is All Purpose Weed Control. Or you can use our handy weed identifier here to match your pesky weed with the herbicide to control it.

Weeds will always be a part of growing and maintaining a lawn, but they don’t have to get out of control. Use these handy hints to prevent weeds growing in your lawn and enjoy the cooler weather relaxing by the fire.

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