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Are you considering laying instant lawn in your garden? Here’s a guide on what it will cost

What is the price of instant turf?

Everybody wants value for money, but how do you work out what is value for you? Maybe you have just built or purchased the house of your dreams and want your neighbours to think it is pretty cool too. Just like floor coverings inside your home the lawn you choose for the outside will play a huge role in how good your home will look and how easy it is to keep looking good year after year.

The average price of installed instant turf is around $30 per square metre. Price depends on variety selected, preparation needs. However, most projects will cost between $27 and $34 per square metre.

You can expect to pay between $7.00 – $14.00 per metre of turf before installation. It’s advisable to use landscapers accredited in lawn installation and irrigation to ensure it’s done right. However, if you don’t mind a bit of elbow grease in the garden, you can install your instant lawn yourself and save money on labour while getting in a bit of exercise and vitamin D.

For an exact price on lawn for your specific situation, click here for an instant turf quote

Instant turf pricing example

The cost difference between the cheapest and most expensive lawn is not as big as you think. For example, on an average 40m2 area, basic Kikuyu will cost around $320 while DNA Certified Sir Walter costs $480, this is a difference of $160. When you consider that the ongoing maintenance on the cheaper lawn is higher, the higher costing lawn upfront is actually the least expensive to invest in.

How the cost of lawn compares to other outdoor surfaces?

Outdoor SurfacePrice Per Square Metre (m2)
Natural Turf$27.30 – $33.75
Artificial Turf$56.75 – $279.25
Concrete$80.00 – $150.00
Pavers$143.50 – $216.50

A Turf Australia survey showed the average person expects to pay $15 per metre of lawn. Laying instant turf is a very affordable landscaping option for your garden, even with premium instant turf it’s an inexpensive choice, not to mention the added benefits of natural lawn to your home.

Benefits of choosing natural instant lawn

Did you know that lawn is:

  • 20% cooler than bare ground,
  • 30% cooler than concrete or pavers,
  • 40% cooler than synthetic lawn

That means a whole lot of savings in electricity and cooling costs. Lawn also increases the value of your home by up to 18%, on a home worth $400,000 with 100 square metres of lawn you could add $75,000 for the outlay of $3,000.

Why do different lawn types vary in price?

First we need to point out that each lawn type has different attributes that suit different uses and environments.

  • Kikuyu grass is a quick grower that is great for open spaces where you need rapid spread
  • Couch grass loves full sun and is great for sporting areas where you require hard playing surfaces
  • Buffalo grass is perfect for homes in full sun or shade where you want low maintenance and a soft lawn for your family to play on

Price differences are largely attributed to the time your instant lawn needs to be nurtured on the farm before it’s ready to harvest. The less expensive lawns grow rapidly, costing less time and money from planting to harvesting. A slower growing lawn takes longer, costing more before it is delivered to you.

  • Kikuyu, a rapid grower, will take 6 – 9 months from planting to harvest
  • Buffalo is slower growing and takes 12-18 months to be harvest ready

Which lawn is right for you?

With all the different instant lawn options, the great part is that you get to choose what works best for you. A high maintenance grass requires more mowing and tends to get friendly with your garden beds, costing money and time. If you love spending time working in the garden this might be the one for you. Lower maintenance grass looks good with less work, saving you money and time. Great if you want to spend time looking at your garden from a garden chair.

Choosing the right instant turf to suit your needs is important to your long-term satisfaction and hip pocket. Getting it right the first time saves you stress. Choosing your lawn on what is most suitable for your lifestyle and outdoor environment, not on price, will actually save you money in the long run. It’s a great idea to seek advice from your local accredited lawn growers who understand lawns and can provide you with accurate information helping you make a confident cost effective decision.

Have a question on the cost of instant turf?

Please leave a comment below and our friendly staff will reply quickly with an answer.

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  • Wayne


    I need about 6 square metres of kykuyu to install myself. Can we pick up? Cost?

    • Tracey Daniel

      Hi Wayne
      Sure you can pick up, Eureka Kikuyu is $9.28 per mtr. Its easy just call our office to book your order. Thank you for your question.

  • Rakshya

    Hi there
    My area is L 6.45m x W4.04m . How many do I need Santa Ana couch turf and how much it cost including delivery to Gilles plains .

    • Tracey Daniel

      Hi Rakshya, for this area with the measurements you have given us you would need 27m2 however we always recommend to order a few extra square meters just to be sure. I have sent you an email with some pricing and information for your reference. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to give us a call.

  • Mel

    Hi we have a small 3m x 3m (aprox) area we want to lay sir walter on. Can you advise on the best time of year to do that and what we need to do to prep the ground for it. We are happy to do the work ourselves as its such a small area. Also cost please and do you deliver to lewiston. Thank you.

    • Tracey Daniel

      Hi Mel
      Spring through to Autumn in perfect time to lay lawn. However you can lay lawn all year round. Great choice with Sir Walter, it is easy care and perfect for homes. Please refer to our email for your personalised quote.

  • Connie

    Hi, what a great website ! Do you have any advice or suggestion on watering systems best suited for Santa Ana ? Eg. Under ground soak or sprayers ? We are about to install ready to lay in a few weeks.

    • Tracey Daniel

      Hi Connie
      We are glad you like our website, thank you! We recommend a pop up sprinkler system. Ensure that it is well planned with evenly spaced sprinklers. An automatic timer will also save you money in the long run. Scheduled waterings are efficient and low maintenance. Give us a call and we can talk you through all your preparation questions.

  • Lee

    Hi, we have a part of the lawn that will be quite shady (maybe 60-70%) whilst the rest is closer to 10% shade. Will the grass have a different look/feel between areas as a result? Looking at a SW Buffalo option. Also what is the lead time and cost delivered to Blackwood? Thanks

    • Tracey Daniel

      Hi Lee,
      If both areas of lawn are looked after the same way in watering, fertiliseing and mowing it should have the same feel and look in both areas. For this area we definitely would recommend the DNA Certified Sir Walter. In regards to pricing and delivery if you give us a call on 8577 8826 we can certainly work out a price for you.

  • bruce

    what would it cost to install
    300m palmetto buffalo. supplied/installed, ground is pretty level.
    just have an estimtae?

    • Tracey Daniel

      Hi Bruce
      Thank you for your message.
      Where are you located? Cost will be specific to your location, please chat and we will be happy to supply you with a personalised quote.
      Installed lawn will generally cost between $28 – $38 per square metre, dependent on variety and preparation required. Spring is a fantastic time to install lawn.

  • Jan

    How much to supply and lay 17sq metres

  • Paul Daniel

    Hi Jan
    The cost of supply and lay will vary dependant on the variety that best suits you, preparation and where you are located. Lawn is a really low cost garden solution, usually costing between $28 for a lawn like Kikuyu to $38 per meter for a premium lawn like DNA Certified Sir Walter. Cost will also vary with preparation needed including soil removal and or new soil, irrigation and other preparation works. Where are you located? Please give us a call and we can supply you with a personalised consultation and quote.

  • Candice

    I need about 100 square meters of lawn how much will it cost and can I lay it in summer I will have to measure it to make sure that is the right amount I need

    • Tracey Daniel

      Hi Candice
      You can definitely lay lawn in summer. Your lawn will establish quickly, the only thing to remember is to keep it damp for the first three weeks and it will be happily growing. The cost will depend on the variety, all varieties have different attributes that will be suited to different areas and uses. The cost for supply is relatively low and will be between $9.80-$12.48 m2. Installed is generally between $30-$35 per metre. It would be best to give our sales office a call for a personalised quote specifically for your need, location and any current offers on 08 8577 8826.

  • Mark


    Can you please tell me how much lawn I would need for an area 11m by 6m & the cost to supply and deliver Kikuyu to Williamstown in SA?



    • Tracey Daniel

      Hi Mark

      On the figures you have given us your area is 66m2, however we recommend that you add 5% to allow areas that need shaping and cutting or measuring inaccuracies, 69m2 would be our recommendation to order. The Kikuyu we recommend in the Eureka Kikuyu it is a better performing Kikuyu than most other varieties and will repair quicker, stay greener and grow more evenly in your yard. Eureka retails for $9.80. However it would be best to call our office to get a personalise quote for delivery to your door and any offers currently available on 08 8577 8826.

  • Sam

    How much is 300 qm kiyku just roll on grass

    • Tracey Daniel

      Hi Sam

      We stock Eureka Kikuyu. Eureka is a premium Kikuyu that performs better than most varieties. It stays greener in winter longer, has four times the repair speed and suppresses weed growth. Eureka Kikuyu generally retails for $9.80 per meter square. However for a larger order it would be best to call our sales office for a personalized quote biased on your location and discounts for large orders. Please call on 08 8577 8826

  • Alexis Grove

    Hi, I’m looking for some sod to use on our balcony for our dog to do her business on. I’d like a large single piece of sod. What is the L and W of the largest piece you have and what is the price + delivery, please? Thank you

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