Top 5 Autumn Lawn Care Products

Autumn is here! Your lawn has survived a hot and unforgiving summer and will need a little boost to get it back to its lush green glory. An essential time for lawn care, autumn in the garden prepares your lawn and plants for the seasons ahead, ensuring they thrive through winter and bounce into spring with vigour! Make sure to stock up now!

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Lawn Solutions Premium Fertiliser

Autumn is your most important fertilise! This boost of nutrients will set your lawn up for the cooler weather ahead and get it well prepared for its winter sleep. 


As the weather starts to cool down, your lawn will become more susceptible to weed infiltrations. Stop them before they establish with a weed pre-emergent such as Oxafert!

Lawn Kelper

A full nutrient package to help your lawn recover from the tough summer heat. Designed specifically for lawns to increase turf vigour and stimulate and strengthen roots and shoots. 

Grub Off!

Treat and prevent your lawn from grub and beetle attacks this autumn. Our Grub Off pack provides a bug treatment (and with Acelepryn preventative) plus a quick nutrient boost to get your lawn back looking great.

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Lawn Rescue

Revive your lawn from a tough summer with Lawn Rescue. Stimulate, support and protect root growth through the cooler months and change in season.

High use and a summer of sun can create compaction issues in your lawn. Autumn is an ideal time to target these problems so that your lawn has access to all the nutrients and water it needs going into winter. Pop on your aerating sandals and go for a wander around your lawn – you won’t regret it!

For more tips and advice on autumn lawn care, head to our autumn lawn care page here or give us a call, our lawn consultants would love to chat to you!

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