Your lawn New Year’s resolutions

Now that we’re at the end of January, how are your New Year’s resolutions tracking? If you’ve already ditched the diet and had a few beers this year, why not choose an easy and attainable New Years resolution instead?

Looking after your lawn is easy, so you’re guaranteed great results with very little effort…the kind of New Year’s resolutions we love! 

Here are our top things you can add to your lawn New Year’s resolutions list:


We’ll start with an easy one! Fertilising your lawn 4 times a year will promote strong and healthy growth all year long. An easy way to remember is to fertilise at the beginning of every season – Fertilise in March for Autumn, in June for Winter, in September for Spring and December for Summer. 

Use a slow release granular fertiliser such as Lawn Solutions Premium Lawn Food. This provides a slow but steady boost of nutrients over 12 weeks – so your lawn never goes without the essentials. 

If you’re feeling extra successful in your resolutions this year, you can add liquid fertilisers to give quick boosts through important seasons such as over your spring renovation.

Keep on top of weeds

We know it can be hard to keep on top of your weeds, especially through weedy seasons like Autumn and Winter. BUT, if you plan ahead this year and use a weed pre-emergent such as Oxafert, you are less likely to suffer from weed infiltrations. Try and remember to apply OxaFert in Autumn and the end of Winter. 

If the inevitable happens and you have a few weeds, get onto them quickly with a herbicide such as All Purpose Weed Control

Mow regularly

This one might be a bit more of a commitment than the others but regularly mowing your lawn will keep it lush and healthy. If you have a warm season lawn, it’s essential you keep on top of it through the warmer seasons. Regularly mowing doesn’t just have aesthetic benefits to your lawn – it increases lateral growth with makes your lawn thick and lush, so it can choke out weeds easily. 

So, if you keep up with this lawn resolution, you might not have to do as much weeding! 

Act fast!

This lawn resolution is more about looking out for your lawn. If you notice something untoward, act fast! Far too many times do we see extremely damaged lawns that will take months to recover. Most issues with your lawn are a slow and steady decline, so if you see something that doesn’t look right, act quickly and you can bring it back in just weeks!

If you’re not sure what is wrong with your lawn, don’t hesitate to get in touch with our lawn consultants.

We hope 2024 is a great year for you and your lawn, whether you complete your new years resolutions or not!

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