Top 5 lawn care products for summer

Do you love the warm summer weather? So do we and your lawn can too! Keep your lawn looking lush through the summer months with some of our top recommended summer lawn care products. Make sure to stock up now, ready for the new year ahead.

All of our products are available delivered to your home or with collection from our depot at Green Fields online here.

Lawn Solutions Premium Fertiliser

Of course, the first on our list has to be a fertiliser! The summer heat is tough on your lawn. Long, hot days drain the nutrients, so make sure to replenish them with your summer fertilise.

Exceed Liquid Fertiliser

If you’re looking for something to give your lawn a short quick boost, a liquid fertiliser absorbs straight into the leaf for much quicker results! Try Exceed liquid fertiliser for a complete nutrient boost.

Lawn Soaker

Has your soil become water repellent over the dry summer heat? A treatment with a wetting agent like Lawn Soaker will help improve water penetration so it can reach the deep roots where it is needed most. 

Primo Maxx

You’re probably sick of mowing now that we’re well into the growing season. Primo Maxx inhibits gibberelic acid production which slows down the vertical growth of your lawn. It can reduce mowing by up to 50% while encouraging thick lateral growth for lush stadium quality lawn! Yay!

Lawn Kelper

This formulation is designed specifically for turf/lawns to increase turf vigour and stimulate and strengthen roots and shoots. Ideal to use year round to keep your lawn looking dark green and healthy.

For more tips and advice on summer lawn care, head to our summer lawn care page here or give us a call, our lawn consultants would love to chat to you!

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