Lawn FAQ

We know finding the right information about lawn can sometimes be overwhelming and there is often conflicting information available. Plus, not all information is relevant to your climate, your area or your needs!

We want you to have all the information you need, so here are our most Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) and their answers.

As always, if you can’t find what you are looking for, our lawn consultants are always happy to answer any questions you have. Just give us a call or send us an email.

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Delivery and Ordering Questions

Preparation FAQ

Our lawn is sold in 1m2 rolls, so our lawn consultant will ask how large your area is in metres squared. See how to measure your area here.

We recommend bringing in around 100-150mm of 80/20 sandy loam, Jeffries special soil or special turf mix based on availability and budget.
80/20 sandy loam is perfect consistency for laying lawn but the additional organics in special soil will help your lawn to establish quickly. Either is fine.

When preparing your levels, you might need to know how thick the rolls are on delivery. This can vary slightly through the seasons but generally:

Sir Walter DNA Certified – 40mm thick
Eureka Kikuyu – 40mm thick
RTF Tall Fescue – 40mm thick
TifTuf Bermuda – 35mm thick

It’s not necessary to roll your lawn prior to laying your lawn. Your soil should be light and fluffy so that new roots can penetrate easily. A light roll can help to get the levels correct, but isn’t integral.

We recommend installing an automatic pop-up sprinkler irrigation system prior to installing your lawn. This is the best way to ensure your lawn will get an even and efficient water when it needs it. We recommend to get in touch with the team at Waterpro for all your irrigation needs.

Laying FAQ

In most areas, lawn can be laid all year round. When it comes to the ‘best’ time to lay lawn, we recommend spring. In spring there is warm weather with the chance of showers, the two key ingredients for a successful lawn installation. Spring is also our busiest time of year, so if you are thinking of installing lawn during this time, it’s good to book your order in advance!

Depending on your location, it is usually fine to lay lawn in winter. In fact, with the increased rainfall and cooler weather, you likely won’t have to water your lawn much at all during this time. Plus, you’ll have a lovely established lawn to enjoy when spring comes around.
We don’t recommend laying new lawn if it will receive heavy frosts within the first couple of weeks of establishment.

Of course! We grow and harvest our lawn all year round. Although summer can be hot, this warm weather means your new lawn will establish very quickly! We recommend ensuring your irrigation system is set up and working as your lawn will need to be well-watered during this time.

Once your area is prepared and levelled, most of the hard work has been done! The actual laying of your lawn doesn’t take long and depending on your fitness, a couple of people can usually lay 50m2 in around an hour.

Rolling your lawn after installation will help the roots to penetrate the soil and can help with establishment, however it is not essential. Your lawn will establish fine with or without rolling.

We always recommend Lawn Launcher Starter Fertiliser to apply on to the soil prior to the lawn. This has a kick of fertiliser and water crystals which will help your lawn to establish at any time of year. Ask your lawn consultant to include this in your lawn quote.

It’s a good idea to get on top of the weeds before they get on top of you! An application of a weed pre-emergent such as Oxafert immediately after laying your lawn will help to stop weeds popping up through its vulnerable establishing period.

Lawn Variety FAQ

Sir Walter DNA Certified and RTF Tall Fescue have the best shade tolerance, needing only around 3 hours of direct sunlight a day.

No. Sir Walter DNA Certified is a sterile lawn. Although it can produce seed heads when stressed, they are infertile and therefore new lawn is unable to grow from them. You can only find the genuine Sir Walter DNA Certified in roll out instant turf.

No. TifTuf Bermuda is a sterile lawn. Although it can produce seed heads when stressed, they are infertile and therefore new lawn is unable to grow from them. You can only find the genuine TifTuf Bermuda in roll out instant turf.

The price of instant lawn depends on which variety, how large your area is and where you are located for delivery. Get in touch with our lawn consultants today for a free quote and advice.

TifTuf Bermuda and Santa Ana are both couch grasses with a lovely fine leaf. TifTuf Bermuda has undergone 25 years of research to provide a grass with additional exceptional qualities such as drought tolerance (requiring 37% less water), reduced fertiliser requirements and extended winter colour. Find out more about the differences here.

The Kikuyu we grow on our farm in Pinnaroo is Premium Eureka Kikuyu which is male sterile, 20% shade tolerant, very drought tolerant, and has a four times thicker root mat which allows it to handle more wear and tear, repair faster from damage, and be more weed resistant. It is also backed by a Lawn Solutions Australia 10 Year Product Warranty which assures your lawn is supplied by an AusGap Accredited Farm – the highest quality turf assurance program in the world.

Yes! We know sometimes you want to see and feel the lawn before purchasing. We have a number of Lawn Solutions Centres in and around Adelaide that have display plots.
– Railways Landscape Supplies in Old Reynella
– Crafers Garden Centre in Crafers
– Worms Mitre 10 in Jamestown
– Mid North Pave & Landscape in Clare
– Barossa Landscape Supplies in Williamstown

Please call the centres prior to visiting as we can’t guarantee the displays will be available at all times.

TifTuf Bermuda is the only grass certified with the Smart Approved WaterMark.

This is because of its great drought tolerance which includes:

  • Can take root in less than 7 days, up to 75% faster than other varieties
  • Needs a fraction of the water other varieties require to get established
  • Drought tolerant – requiring on average 38% less water than other varieties
  • Hand selected from over 30,000 different varieties

All of our lawn are backed with LSA’s 10 year product warranty

The warranty certifies that instant turf supplied by The Turf Farm has been grown and harvested to stringent standards. That it has been inspected upon harvesting (according to LSA policy and guidelines) to be free of weeds and disease before delivering, is freshly cut, and, for a period of 10 years from instalment, will perform to its maximum potential in its new environment (subject to conditions).

Lawn Care FAQ


We don’t recommend using combination weed and feed products as they contain a low rate of both the herbicide and fertiliser components. They usually require multiple applications to kill weeds and although they might give a small boost or green-up in your lawn, they don’t provide some of the essential nutrients required for root growth and plant development. We recommend using a herbicide and fertiliser separately, making sure to use a selective herbicide safe for your lawn variety and specific for the weeds you are targeting.
If you have a particular weed you are trying to target, see if you can identify and find the right treatment here or send us a picture and we can identify for you.
Our Lawn Solutions Australia product range includes a broad leaf herbicide All Purpose Weed Control and a Premium lawn food fertiliser, which we recommend to use to first weed and then feed your lawn.

We recommend that you fertilise your lawn a minimum of 3 times a year, once in spring, summer, and autumn. You can use the October long weekend, Australia Day and the Easter long weekend as a guide for most areas of Australia.

We recommend using Lawn Solutions Premium Lawn Fertiliser which is suitable for all lawn types. This is a slow-release granular product that will gradually release nutrients to your lawn for up to 12 weeks.

Newly laid lawn needs watering multiple times a day to keepit damp but not soaked while establishing. Generally 3-4 times a day for 5 minutes until rooted to the ground (you can’t pull it up like a carpet).

Once established, lawn needs long deep waters in order to create strong and drought tolerant root systems. We recommend a long 1-2 hour water once a week with additional top ups in extreme heat.

Cold winters can be hard on warm season lawns. If you have had some frosts in your area, you may have noticed your lawn lacking in colour. It is likely your lawn is just in its winter dormancy and once the weather warms up again it will bounce back. Read more about winter dormancy here.

Weeds are a common occurrence and the easiest way to remove them is with proper identification and treatment for the specific weed type. Check out our weeds page here or send a picture to and we can help to identify and recommend treatment.

Once lawn has established you will no longer be able to pull it up like carpet. After rooting, you can give it its first light mow and start your lawn care regime.

Mowing height depends on your variety.

  • Sir Walter DNA Certified 20-60mm
  • Eureka Kikuyu 20-50 mm
  • Nullarbor Couch 9-25 mm
  • TifTuf Bermuda 9-25mm
  • RTF Tall Fescue 40-60 mm

Most of the green is in the top of the plant and if you cut too much off the leaf length, you can stress your lawn making it more susceptible to weeds, pest and disease.

The 1/3rd rule means you do not mow more than 1/3rd of the leaf off during one mow. This means regular mowing or adjusting the height of your cut.

Regular mowing is an important part of your lawns health. It encourages lateral growth which thickens your lawn making it less susceptible to weed infiltrations and other problems. Leaving your lawn too long can block out the sun from reaching the undergrowth and can lead to die off from below. Without regular mowing your lawn can develop many problems from thatch to disease.


Delivering and Ordering FAQ

No. We can deliver anything from 1m2 to 1000m2+ around South Australia, Sunraysia and beyond.

Yes, we have a couple of options for you to collect your lawn. As our lawn is cut fresh to order, all collections must be arranged in advance.

  • You can pick up direct from our farm in Pinnaroo. We are located at 280 Nickolls Road, Pinnaroo.
  • You can collect from our transport depot (C/O Jags Transport) at 9 Greenfields Drive, Greenfields.

Give us a call to arrange collection of your turf!

If you’re ready to order your lawn you can get in touch with our lawn consultants by phone on 08 8577. 8826 or email 
The information we need to 

As your lawn is harvested fresh for your order, it does need to be paid for prior to delivery.
You can pay over the phone with Visa or Mastercard, via Direct Deposit or with Humm 90 (6 months interest free finance).

All of our lawn is harvested in 1m2 rolls measuring 1.75m x 0.58m2 wide. Rolls are able to breathe easier on the pallet, minimising transport risks. They are a convenient size and shape for lifting and carrying and are easy to install. Each roll weighs approximately 20kg (variety/season dependent).

Our rolls are harvested as 1m2 measuring 1.75m long x 0.58m wide.

Generally we keep to 50m2 per pallet, however this can sometimes be 5-10m2 more or less depending on the variety and season.

Our pallets average 1 to 1.2 tonne depending on the variety and season

Yes! Our trucks have Moffatt forklifts on the back which are used to unload your lawn and place in the most convenient spot for you laying.

Our forklifts need a clearance of 3m x 3m to get into any area. This sometimes means we can’t drive through car ports or low covered areas. Our drivers will always endeavour to place the lawn where is most convenient for you as long as there is clearance.

To Adelaide and surrounding suburbs we deliver Tuesday to Saturday. Further regions may have limited delivery days, so please contact a lawn consultant to confirm. 

We deliver all around Adelaide and therefore our trucks will run in the most convenient and economical route to ensure everyone gets their lawn in a timely manner. Your delivery can be anytime between 7am and 6pm. We will send a text the afternoon prior to your delivery with an hours timeslot, so you can plan your day. AM and PM preferences are taken into consideration but unfortunately cannot always be guaranteed.

No. All of our lawn is supplied in 1m2 hand rolls (1.75m x 0.58m). This means they can be easily transported and installed without specialist equipment.

We recommend to order your lawn when you know your area will be ready for installation as it is important to install your lawn within 24 hours of delivery.

We can deliver to your door Tuesday-Saturday and usually only require a few days’ notice (sometimes more around holidays such as Easter/Christmas)

Do you have other questions that haven’t been answered here? Don’t hesitate to get in touch!

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