Green grass fast!

If your lawn is looking a bit lacklustre this winter, we have a solution for you to get green grass fast!

ColourGuard Plus has been developed to give you the best lawn in the street even when effected by drought, frost affected or dormancy.

It is  a natural plant-based colourant that allows your lawn to remain green all year round, even during droughts and extreme temperatures.

A ready-to-use hose on bottle makes it a convenient lawn care product for all seasons.


Benefits of using ColourGuard Plus

How to use ColourGuard

  1.  Attach your hose to the 2 Litre Ready To Use bottle, or mix the 100ml concentrate with water in a pressure sprayer as per the bottle instructions.
  2.  Spray evenly across your lawn. Work methodically from one side to the other.
  3.  When spraying near hard surfaces like paths and driveways, stand on the surface and spray the ColourGuard away from the surface onto your lawn.
  4.  Leave your lawn to dry for at least 2 hours afterwards (if in full sunlight), or longer if it is shady.
You can walk on your lawn once ColourGuard has dried.
ColourGuard Plus is available in a couple of different sizes for your convenience and if you need some other products for winter, our Winter Warmer pack has everything you need for a lush lawn through the cooler months.

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