Winter Warmer lawn care pack


Winter can be a tough time for lawns as the weather cools and warm-season lawns go into their dormancy period. It’s an opportune time for weed infiltrations, nutrient deficiency and colour-loss. Luckily, all of these things can be easily managed with our Winter Warmer lawn care pack!

Our Winter Warmer pack includes:

  • 3kg Oxafert weed pre-emergent (covers 100m2) – A pre-emergent herbicide for most warm season turf varieties, controlling weed seedlings during germination so they never appear in your lawn.
  • 2.5L Iron Guard Plus (covers up to 1250m2) – an enhancing bio-stimulant that contains iron and amino acids, formulated to provide a boost in colour and turf strength.
  • 2L All Purpose weed control (covers 200m2) – ready-to-use hose on herbicide, so you are prepared for any weed infiltrations.
  • 2L Colour Guard Plus (covers 150m2) – Natural grass pigment with liquid fertiliser to restore the lush green colour of your lawn instantly!


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