Top 5 lawn care products for spring

We’re a little bit excited that it’s officially spring and the weather is going to start warming up soon! In preparation, we have come up with our top 5 lawn care products for spring. Make sure to stock up now!

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Lawn Solutions Premium Fertiliser

Of course, the first on our list has to be a fertiliser! Waking out of winter dormancy is tough on your lawn. Just like you need a coffee pick-me-up to get out of bed, your lawn needs a fertilise to get out of winter.

All purpose weed control

Time to get on top of those weeds! Spring is no time to settle. Treat weeds now and you will have a stadium quality weed-free lawn in no time at all.


Speaking of weeds…keep them away all season with an application of a weed pre-emergent such as Oxafert. It targets weed seedlings before they germinate, so they never get the chance to ruin your perfectly manicured lawn.

Primo Maxx

You’re probably not sick of mowing just yet but this one’s a good idea for later in spring. It inhibits gibbrelic acid production which slows down the vertical growth of your lawn. This means less mowing, yay!

Acelepryn GR

Don’t let pests take hold of your lawn this spring, use Acelepryn GR as a preventative and treatment for those pesky lawn grubs and beetles (while keeping our bees safe!).

There’s also a whole range of lawn care tools that can make your life so much easier! 

Automower down steep lawn

Husqvarna Automower

If you’d prefer to spend your spring and summer playing and enjoying your yard rather than working in it, why not consider a Husqvarna automower?

Aerating Sandals

They might not be the most attractive pair of shoes you own, but they sure are handy! Spring is the ideal time to treat compaction issues with a stomp around in these bad boys!

Husqvarna trimmer

Define the perfect edge on your lawn with the battery powered Husqvarna trimmer. Powerful, quiet and environmentally friendly!

For more tips and advice on spring lawn care, head to our spring lawn care page here or give us a call, our lawn consultants would love to chat to you!

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