Iron (Fe) and its benefits to your lawn

Are you looking for a way to help extend your lawns colouring throughout the cooler months? Well, iron might be your answer! The main benefit of using iron is to help improve your lawns colouring, especially when lawns are entering dormancy. In this blog, we look at all you need to know about using iron on your lawn.

Will Iron Make My Lawn Greener in Winter?

The short and straightforward answer is yes, but there is more to it. Iron, also known as Fe, helps grass photosynthesise and create chlorophyll. As a result, it will improve colour and allows it to carry out cellular functions.

Are There Any Other Benefits of Using Iron?

There are a few other benefits to using iron. These include helping control moss, strengthening your lawn, helping to limit the impact of frost and helping make your lawn more disease resistant.

Before Iron Guard Plus

After Iron Guard Plus

When Should I Use Iron?

Iron is best used on a healthy and strong lawn. It is best used to help improve your lawns colour, especially when heading into or out of dormancy.

When it comes to using iron products, we recommend using Lawn Solutions Iron Guard Plus.

Rules to Follow When Applying Iron

When applying iron, it is best to avoid it in the heat of the day. If it is used when temperatures are at their warmest, some burning can occur. We also recommend applying Iron Guard monthly when active growth is present or when nutrient deficiency symptoms are visible to maintain even growth and colour for your lawn. We also recommend making sure your plant is healthy and not stressed before application. When applying all lawn care products, it is always best to ensure you use as per the label application instructions and application rates.

Precautions to Take When Applying Iron

Avoid applying iron to footpaths, driveways, and other surfaces. When iron is applied to hard surfaces, it can cause rust-coloured stains. If you use a liquid product and some spray has been applied or drifted to another surface, it is best to wash it off immediately. When applying iron, ensure you use it on the lawn evenly, as it will show if you don’t apply it evenly.

Should I Use a Fertiliser That Contains Iron?

Suppose you want to apply iron but also want to apply other nutrients too. In that case, we recommend using a well-rounded fertiliser like Lawn Solutions Premium Fertiliser or Exceed Liquid Fertiliser. Both fertilisers contain iron and a balanced ratio of nutrients your lawn needs to stay healthy.

If you want to apply fertiliser throughout the cooler months, it is best to use a liquid product like Exceed over granular fertilisers. This is because liquid fertilisers can absorb nutrients more effectively while the grass has entered dormancy compared to granular fertilisers.

However, in some circumstances, if you have a specialised lawn care program which already meets your lawns nutrient requirements, additional nutrients from a fertiliser may not be required and separate iron product is best used.

How Can I Make My Lawn Green Instantly?

If you want to give your lawn an instant green-up without applying iron products, why not use a lawn pigment product like ColourGuard Plus! One application of ColourGuard Plus can provide up to 3 months of fantastic colour. It is safe for all lawn types and can be used anytime throughout the year.

If you need any further information or assistance, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with our friendly team via email or call 08 8577 8826.

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