Your lawn and frosty mornings

The mornings are certainly getting colder and, in certain areas around South Australia, you might just wake up to Jack Frost nipping at your nose, and your lawn too!

You’ll generally notice frost on your lawn in the early morning; it occurs when overnight temperatures drop to 0 degrees or below and the morning dew freezes across its leaves. Frost isn’t a death sentence to your lawn; however, it can contribute to increased discolouration of your warm season lawn through winter.

What is the best way to help your lawn handle frost?

Try not to walk on your lawn in the early morning when there is frost present on the leaves. The frost hardens the leaves of your lawn and any increased weight or traffic on the area could cause them to break and damage them further.

A light water before the sun comes up will help to remove frost from the leaves and therefore decrease damage and discolouration that it could cause.

Ensuring your lawn is healthy in autumn will prepare your lawn for the winter ahead. Don’t forget to fertilise before the cold sets in as this will help to strengthen your lawn for the cold months ahead.

As always, selecting the right variety for your area will greatly impact how healthy and strong you can maintain it year-round. If you’re in a frost prone area, you could choose a cool season lawn such as RTF Tall Fescue that is frost tolerant and stays active over winter.

If your lawn does have a hard time with the frost and loses its colour, we recommend an application of Colourguard Plus. It’s a liquid fertiliser with a natural grass pigment that will instantly restore the colour of your lawn!

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