Check your lawn sprinklers

The weather is warming up and summer is just around the corner! Time to check your sprinklers to make sure they are watering all of your lawn evenly and effectively. 

How to perform a water audit on your sprinklers

  1. Place bowls/cups/containers randomly out on your lawn, in green spots and in the brown spots
  2. Run your sprinklers for 5-10 minutes
  3. Measure the amount of water in each bowl
  4. The quantity should be even, if it’s not, adjust your sprinklers to ensure you are applying not only enough water but also an even application.

How often and how much should you be watering your lawn?

New turf should always be watered as soon as possible after laying and then kept damp continuously for the establishment phase (2-6 weeks depending on variety and season). Water your new lawn lightly 3 times a day and ensure that it does not dry out! Try not to water at night as this can increase the risk of disease in your lawn. 

Once your lawns new root system has started to establish (you can no longer lift it up), you can start to gradually decrease your watering frequency and increase the time. It’s best to do this slowly, so your lawn can adapt to its new routine. Decrease to a longer water once a day, then every second day and so on, until you are able to give your lawn one deep soak (1-2hours), once a week. These longer waters will help your lawn to search for its own water in the soil, creating stronger and deeper roots. 

Of course, if it’s a 45º day and you’re hot, your lawn probably is too! Give it an extra drink!

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Signs your lawn is lacking water

Lawn is very responsive to lack of water and will quickly start to show signs that it is struggling. This also means, if you react quickly, your lawn bounce back quickly too!

Watch out for the below signs that your lawn is lacking water and turn the sprinkler on if you see any.

  • Dry or wilting leaves
  • Discolouration
  • The footprint test is another simple way to check how hydrated your lawn is. Walk across your lawn and see how long it takes for the grass to bounce back. If you can hardly see your footprint, your lawn is adequately hydrated, but if it leaves a mark or is slow to bounce back your lawn needs a drink.

The difference between short 10 minute waters frequently to longer, deep waters less frequently.

(In an established lawn)

Just one weeks’ difference with increase watering.

(TifTuf Bermuda in Summer)

Soil and lawn conditioning to help water penetration

If your lawn is struggling to absorb water, your soil may be hyrdophobic. Lawn Soaker will help break down the wax like substance that is caused by the decomposition of organic matter, allowing water to penetrate.

Lawn Soaker is a ready to use soil wetting agent specifically developed for use on lawns. It improves the penetration of water so it can reach deep down to the roots. Regular use will ensure the soil re-wets and prevents further dry spots from forming.


If you have any further questions on lawn care, get in touch with our lawn experts today!

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