Need a lawn in time for Christmas?

[You still have time to have your little patch of green before Christmas

In fact you can install a lawn right the way through summer! Instant lawn will establish quicker as the weather heats up, you just need to keep the area constantly damp for a couple of weeks. Establishing a new lawn doesn’t take lots of water, only small amounts frequently.

Which lawn variety will you choose?

At The Turf Farm, we offer the following lawn varieties to suit a wide range of needs, locations, soil types and budgets:

  • Sir Walter DNA Certified
  • Eureka Kikuyu
  • Nullarbor Couch
  • RTF Tall Fescue

Here is a complete comparison of instant lawn varieties or read on for a quick guide.

For shaded areas

These days most backyards have some shade from either pergolas, fences, trees, garden or even the neighbours house. Even if most of your lawn is full sun, if there is a shady spot you will need a shade tolerant variety. Shade percentage is not a simple formula as it will depend on if the sunlight is filtered or total block, what time of the day is shaded and what season.

All varieties love full sun but only a few will tolerate shade.

Amount of Shade Recommended Lawn Variety
Up to 70% DNA Certified Sir Walter Buffalo
Up to 70% RTF Tall Fescue
Up to 20% Eureka Kikuyu
Full Sun Nullarbor Couch

For low maintenance

If you don’t have the time to spend on regular lawn maintenance, such as edging and mowing, then a low maintenance variety might be best for your yard.

Try DNA Certified Sir Walter, it’s a great all-round low maintenance healthy choice.

For high traffic areas

If you have regular high wear and tear then you will need a hardy lawn. Take into consideration kids, pets and clothesline tracks.[/vc_column_text][mk_table]

Amount of Shade Recommended Lawn Variety
Full Sun and In Shade DNA Certified Sir Walter Buffalo
Full Sun and Light Shade Eureka Kikuyu
Full Sun Nullarbor Couch

Bear in mind that all turf varieties are a living plant and will wear out with excessive wear and tear. Shaded areas have a lower tolerance to wear and tear.

For salt tolerance

For lawns near a salt water pool or if you live near the ocean then DNA Certified Sir Walter is a good choice. Sir Walter Instant Lawn has the highest salt tolerance.

If you need more help on deciding what variety is perfect for you, then comment below or give us a call

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