How to keep lawn green through winter

As we are in the cooler months, our lawns in South Australia will slow in growth and can lose some colour. This is mainly due to the drop in soil temperatures and the reduced amount of direct sunlight. 

Most of the common grasses here in Australia are warm-season grasses. This includes Buffalo, Couch, and Kikuyu. This means they thrive through the warmer months and in winter will reserve energy until warmer weather arrives.

In some spots around SA, we don’t just get cold, we get FROST!


Frosts cause damage to turf when the moisture inside the leaf blade freezes and expands. This causes the cell wall of the grass to rupture, damaging the turf. Frost can also cause significant discolouration to the leaf as the damaged cell walls slows down photosynthesis.

Frost on lawn

Once the weather starts to warm up again in spring, the lawns can repair and re-grow, returning to their lush green pre-winter condition.

BUT, you don’t have to settle for colourless lawn through winter. Products like Iron Guard Plus and Colour Guard Plus can give your lawn a helping hand in maintainng its lovely green colour.

Iron Guard Plus

Iron Guard Plus is a turfgrass-enhancing bio-stimulant that contains iron and amino acids, formulated to provide a boost in colour and turf strength.

Iron Guard Plus will maximise turfgrass colour retention and promote lateral growth, making it ideal for improved winter dormancy transition.

You can apply Iron Guard Plus monthly when active growth is present or when nutrient deficiency symptoms are visible to maintain even growth and colour for your lawn. It is safe to use on all grass varieties.


Product Benefits

  • Colour enhancement
  • Increased lateral growth
  • Improved grass density
  • Quicker root growth

Before Iron Guard Plus

After Iron Guard Plus

Colour Guard Plus

ColourGuard PLUS is a liquid fertiliser and a natural grass pigment that instantly restores the colour of your lawn.

Apply this 100% natural grass colourant to keep your lawn looking green year-round.

Just one application can give your lawn up to three months of great colour.

ColourGuard delivers micron-sized pigment solids into the tiny pores of leaf tissues via water spray. The colour pigments are organic and natural making ColourGuard a safe product for the environment, pets, and people.

Once it’s dried, it’s locked in. ColourGuard won’t bleed, run, or stain once absorbed.

Easy to use, works on all lawns, in extreme heat, rain, cold and frost. Plus, ColourGuard reduces the amount of fertiliser and water your lawn requires.

Lawn Solutions ColourGuard can dry on your lawn in as little as 2 hours when in full sunlight.

ColourGuard 2L ready-to-use bottle covers up to 150m2.

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