Top 4 lawn problems this winter

Struggling with your lawn this winter? You’re not alone!

Colder temperatures, increased rainfall and reduced sunlight are all contributing to our lawns not looking so great right now. Luckily, some of the most common lawn problems we come across at this time of year are treatable and, even preventable for next year!

Winter colour

Warm season lawns like buffalo, kikuyu and couch, can lose significant colour through winter, especially in frost prone areas. This is completely normal and your lawn will bounce back to its lush green colour once the weather starts warming up again in spring.

ColourGuard Plus is a fantastic product to use at this time of year if your lawns colour is bothering you. It’s a natural grass pigment that absorbs into your lawns leaf and will instantly restore its green colour!


As your lawn sits in a semi-dormant state, it doesn’t have the same fight to keep those pesky weeds away. Weeds are opportunistic and they love winter.The trick is to jump onto them straight away by either hand weeding, mowing the weeds off or choosing a suitable herbicide to spray them with. Remember one year’s seeding equals seven years weeding. Identify your weeds here.

Oxafert is a weed pre-emergent which you can use to PREVENT weeds from appearing. We recommend to apply this seasonally for year round protection.


Wear and tear

Your lawn can’t repair, so reduce the wear!  To manage damage and prevent stress, avoid having heavy traffic on the same spot of lawn constantly, especially in shady areas. If you notice an area struggling, it’s best to fence it off and give it a break.

Exceed Liquid Fertiliser is a great product to use when your lawn needs a boost of nutrients. Liquid fertiliser is absorbed quicker than granules and provides an almost instant boost to the health of your lawn.

Winter lawn care

Knowing how to care for your lawn through the cooler months can help you avoid disease occurrence, reduce colour loss and improve your lawns overall health.

Mowing – You probably aren’t needing to mow much at all at the moment. When you do, increase the height of your mower to protect your lawn from the cold.

Watering – Since the rain will be helping you out, watering can be dropped back to only as necessary. If your lawn looks dry or starts to wilt, a top up water is required. Watering first thing in the morning will help combat frost and reduce the risk of fungus and disease.

Fertilising – It’s not necessary to fertilise your lawn through winter if you prepped it well in autumn. When your lawn is dormant through winter, it doesn’t have the capacity to uptake nutrients like it does in the warmer months and therefore fertilisers aren’t used as effectively. Save it for spring, once the weather has warmed up and your lawn is actively growing.

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