Plant Growth Regulators (PGR)

What are they and should you be using one?

Plant Growth Regulators are applied to plants in order to change the plants growth and development. Typically used on golf courses and stadiums across the world, PGRs can give you the look of professional quality lawn at home.

Once absorbed, the active ingredient works to temporarily block the plant’s ability to produce a growth hormone called Gibberellic Acid. This suppresses the plant’s vertical growth while allowing normal processes like photosynthesis and respiration to continue.


Energy is diverted into the plant’s lateral growth, resulting in smaller and finer leaves, increased tillering, and a larger, deeper root mass. The turf becomes denser with a more vibrant colour.

PGR applications like Primo Maxx increase the level of bioactive cytokinin’s in the plant, improving its tolerance to heat and drought-induced stress. This allows the turf to recover faster from drought effects, extreme heat, or stress from high traffic and heavy play.

So what does this mean for you?

The suppression of vertical growth leads to reduced mowing requirements, while the increased lateral growth encourages thicker, denser lawn that assists in the development of stronger roots.

PGRs are a great tool to reduce your mowing frequency while maintaining a healthy and lush lawn through its peak growing period. In South Australia, we would only recommend to apply Plant Growth Regulators through the hottest months of October-February.

Benefits of PGRs

Reduces grass growth; reduced mowing

Less bare patches; improved aesthetic

Increased root density: drought resistance & improved lawn resilience

Increased density: improved shade tolerance

Increased durability: hardier under children and pet use

If you’ve always been curious, it can’t hurt to give it a try this spring or summer and have a lawn your neighbours will envy!

Plant Growth regulator

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