New Year, New Lawn?

It's 2024!

Is this the year your backyard gets a face lift? 
It’s a new year, time for a new lawn!

We’re delivering as normal in 2024 from Tuesday to Saturday, starting Tuesday 9th January. 

Here’s some tips to getting the perfect new lawn this year!


Preparation is one of the most important parts of laying a new lawn. Make sure you have at least 100-150mm of quality soil base – something free draining but with good nutrient retention – an 80/20 sandy loam is perfect.

hand holding soil
dog playing with water sprinkler on lawn

Choosing your lawn variety

There are many different lawn varieties on the market but you must choose one that is well suited to your area and lifestyle. Some important questions to ask yourself before you choose your variety are:

1. Does the area have any shade? Shade often gets overlooked but just like when buying garden plants, you have to make sure they’re suited to the level of sun/shade in the area. Lawn varieties vary from full sun loving to only needing 3 hours direct sunlight to thrive. Sir Walter DNA Certified and RTF Tall Fescue are great lawns for heavy shade!

2. What will the main use of the area be? Is it just something nice to look at or do you have kids and/or pets that will use the area for fun and games? If it’s going to be a heavy traffic area, you will need something fast growing and repairing like Eureka Kikuyu or TifTuf Bermuda.

3. How often do you want to be mowing your lawn? Some lawn varieties require frequent mowing (think twice a week), while others grow a bit slower and can be left a bit longer without a mow. 

4. Are there any garden beds surrounding your lawn area? Some lawn varieties are a bit more invasive than others and can creep into surrounding garden beds. If you don’t want to be pulling lawn out of your garden beds, you might pick something less aggressive like Sir Walter DNA Certified or even better something without runners like RTF Tall Fescue.

5. Do you have a preference on fine or broad leaf lawn? If you have the perfect area – full sun, no traffic and you don’t mind mowing, then you can have the pick of the bunch. In this situation, you can be a bit more specific with the aesthetic requirements of you lawn. Some prefer a broader leaf lawn like Sir Walter DNA Certified, while others like a nice fine leaf like TifTuf Bermuda.

pop up irrigation sprinkler in lawn


We would never recommend planning a lawn installation without irrigation. Water is vital to establishing and maintaining a lush lawn! You can make this process a whole lot easier for yourself by installing an automatic irrigation system. Get in touch with the team at Waterpro who will help plan and supply your irrigation.

Installing your lawn

The easy bit is installing your new lawn! Get in touch to place your order, select your delivery day and we will deliver direct to your door with a forklift unload. 

man rolling out instant lawn

Make sure your soil is nice and level, throw out your Lawn Launcher Starter Fertiliser and then start laying. We recommend to lay in a brick-like pattern and to knit the rolls together as much as you can. It’s important to top dress any joins and edges with a bit of soil after laying, as these areas are most likely to dry out. If you have access to a roller, you can then roll your laid lawn in order to create good root to soil contact, but it’s not essential – your lawn will establish nicely even without rolling.

It's that easy to get a new lawn in 2024!

Don’t hesitate to get in touch with our lawn consultants if you have any questions or need a quote, we’d love to hear from you this year!

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