How to lay instant lawn: our step by step guide

Does your yard need a refresh but you don’t know where to start? 
Laying new lawn doesn’t have to be difficult. Follow along with our step by step guide and give us a call if you have any further questions!

Step 1: Make a plan

Plan your yard ahead. Think about the requirements of your area and which part of your yard will best suit them. For example, garden beds, trees and lawn require sunlight, so maybe plan to place your new garden shed in the shaded part of your yard.

  • Choose a suitable area for your lawn
  • Think about shade, mowing and access to water
  • When landscaping, turf should always be last in
Step 2: Measure
  • Split area into basic shapes
  • Measure in metres and calculate the area of each shape
  • Add areas together for total m2
  • Don’t forget to add extra to cover for wastage (5-10%)
Step 3: Preparation

Preparation is one of the most important steps in laying your lawn. A well prepared area will ensure that your lawn is happy in its new home long term. 

Green circle with spray bottle spraying flowers

Kill any exisiting weeds or vegetation using glyphosate or a similar non-selective herbicide. You may need 2-3 applications to ensure complete eradication.

Green circle with wheelbarrow outline

Depending on the quality of soil already there, bring in 150-200mm of quality turf underlay, we recommend 80/20 Sandy Loam, Lawnhub premium turf mix or Jeffries special soil depending on organic and nutrient requirements.

Green circle with sprinkler

Think about irrigation! If you’re installing a pop up irrigation system (highly recommended), then it’s easier to install while you prep your soil. The irrigation pipes should run at least 150mm deep. Our friends at Lawn & Landscape Co can help you with anything irrigation including personalised plans and supplies.

Green circle with fork outline in it

Rake, lightly roll and level area. Keep soil 30-40mm below your desired edge to allow for thickness of the turf.

Step 4: Which variety

The most important part of laying a new lawn is choosing one that will be suitable for the environment you want it to grow in. You might have already done your research and know which variety you’re going to get, however, if you haven’t, here’s a few things to consider:


Not all lawns are shade-tolerant. Look out for trees, fences and even your house as possible providers of shade.

Green Thumb

Whether you love gardening or prefer to sit back and relax make sure to choose a lawn that suits your lifestyle.


What will be the main use of the area? If you have kids and pets that would love to run around on your lawn, choose one that can handle more traffic.

Drought Resistance

How will you be watering your lawn? Some lawns require less water
than others and can be trained in drought tolerance!

We grow 5 different popular lawn varieties, so there’s something to suit everyone! Check out our varieties – Sir Walter DNA Certified, Eureka Kikuyu, TifTuf Bermuda, or RTF Tall Fescue

Take a look at all of our varieties here or give us a call and our lawn consultants can recommend the best variety for your area – 08 8577 8826.

Step 5: Your delivery

We run our own specialised delivery service in and around Adelaide. To ensure you get your lawn on the day you want it, make sure to book it in early – you can always make changes a few days before if you need to. 

Our trucks deliver direct to your door in Adelaide Tuesday – Saturday and unload your pallet of lawn with a Moffett forklift, placing it in the most convenient place for you.

And, if you’re further out in Port Pirie, Whyalla, Port Augusta, Port Lincoln or further, we can still deliver lawn to your door using the best regional freight services in SA. 

Call now to book in your lawn delivery!

Step 6: Lay Your Lawn

Your area’s prepped and your lawn is on the way! Here’s a few tips on what to do when it arrives. For best results, we recommend to lay your lawn on the day you receive it.

Apply Lawn Launcher Starter Fertiliser

Apply evenly to the soil immediately before laying the lawn.

Starter fertiliser on soil

Start Straight

Use a boundary or path as a guide and work outwards from this point.

man rolling out instant lawn

Push Edges

Tightly knit edges together. Avoid gaps and overlapping. Stagger the joins in a brick-like fashion

Laying lawn

Use Sharp Shears

Cutting rolls is inevitable, ensure you use a sharp implement to cut. Try not to  leave narrow strips at outer edges, as they can dry out.

Man cutting out lawn
Green Circle with white 5 on it


Lightly topdressing between the joins will improve water retention, fill any low points and gaps, and encourage good soil contact. We recommend a fine sand.

Top dressing lawn in garden
Green circle with white 6 in it

Water, Water, Water!

Give your lawn an initial long water immediately after laying and then keep it constantly damp with lots of small waters until the roots have taken.

Now your lawn is in, all you have to do is keep it alive! At minimum, there are only 3 things you have to do to keep your lawn looking great – Water, Fertilise and Mow. Check out our aftercare lawn care advice here.

Don’t forget, you can grab all the products you need along your lawn care journey from our store Lawn & Landscape Co. Shop in store at Somerton Park or buy online for delivery to your door!

We hope to speak to you soon!

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