Contactless lawn delivery

It’s always our priority to ensure your entire Turf Farm experience is the best it can be! During these unprecedented times, we understand the need for you and your family to have a pleasant and safe interaction with our drivers. That’s why we offer a completely contactless lawn delivery service. COVID safety is our number one priority, not just for you, but for our employees too. 

Your lawn is harvested with our auto-harvester and loaded and unloaded with a forklift. This means very little contact is made with your lawn from farm to door. It’s truely contactless lawn delivery.

Not only have we changed and updated our service in relation to current times, we also have some other great benefits of our specialised delivery service.


contactless lawn delivery

Benefits of our delivery service

On time – The afternoon prior to your delivery, we’ll give you an hours time slot for your lawn delivery. Our drivers really do pride themselves on being on time!

Convenient – Both of our trucks have all-terrain Moffett forklifts on the back. Our drivers use these to place your lawn in the most convenient spot for you.

Handled with care – How your lawn is handled during loading, unloading and transport is vital to the quality of your lawn. We take the upmost care to ensure your pallet isn’t damaged through our transportation.

Protected – Our curtain-sided trucks ensure your lawn is protected from the elements. Rain, shine, wind, you name it, your lawn won’t be damaged by it!

Fresh – All of our lawn is cut to order, arriving to your door the day after harvest. Farm fresh at its finest!
*Or within 48 hours for regional areas

Helpful – Our driver is friendly and knowledgeable and can help you with any questions you have at the time of delivery

Don’t settle for less! The Turf Farm service is like no other in Adelaide! Order your lawn with confidence today.

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