Best lawn for South Australia

South Australia’s varied and sometimes harsh climate can be tricky for some lawn varieties. We have hot and dry summers paired with often cold and frosty winters which provides a tricky growing season for many plants, including lawns.

Luckily, here at The Turf Farm, we have researched, trialled, tested, failed and succeeded in finding the perfect lawn varieties for South Australia! So whether you’re looking for the best lawn variety for Murray Bridge, the best lawn variety for Whyalla or the best lawn variety for Adelaide, we have it for you!

TifTuf Bermuda is definitely one of the best lawns for South Australia. It has incredible drought tolerance which means it can handle our harsh summer weather. In fact, TifTuf Bermuda is so drought tolerant it uses 37% less water and is the only turfgrass in the world to be awarded the Smart Approved WaterMark.

TifTuf is extremely hardy and self-repairing so it can handle a lot of traffic, perfect for high energy homes. A lush fine leaf that is soft to play on and lay on.

See more about TifTuf Bermuda here.

Sir Walter DNA Certified is a tried and tested variety that is perfect for the South Australian climate.

It is a hardy and self repairing buffalo variety that is low maintenance and drought tolerant. It will require less mowing than most other varieties and therefore is good for active and busy homes.

Its lush broad leaf makes Sir Walter DNA Certified perfect for laying and playing on.

See more about Sir Walter here.

Eureka Kikuyu is a tried and tested lawn variety for South Australia. It is very hardy and self-repairing, a fast grower that can handle a lot of wear and tear.

Eureka Kikuyu grows faster than any other lawn grass and as a result, it is most suited to large open expanses such as sports fields, golf greens etc, where mowing, invasion of gardens or excessive shade is not an issue.

It is male sterile, so won’t spread by seeds.


See more about Eureka Kikuyu here.

RTF Tall Fescue is unique to The Turf Farm. RTF is a cool season lawn and our most popular lawn variety for cool climate regions like the Adelaide Hills.

RTF grows all year round, so will stay nice and green even through frosty winters. It is great for boutique gardens that love an ornamental lawn.  RTF is best suited to areas of low traffic and can handle up to 70% shade.

See more about RTF Tall Fescue here.

Watch our episode of Outdoors Indoors where our  business manager Chloe goes through all the lawn varieties and their qualities.

If you’re still not sure which lawn variety is the best for your home in South Australia, request a quote here and one of lawn consultants will give you a call! We can help you find the best lawn for South Australia.

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