20 years of The Turf Farm

We’re so exctied here at The Turf Farm to be celebrating our 20th birthday!
It was 20 years ago when Paul, Tracey and family, first took the plunge and planted lawn at their property in Pinnaroo.

The family has since worked extremely hard together to turn this tiny bit of lawn into the flourishing business The Turf Farm is today. And now, the business is set to eventually pass on to the next generation (and hopefully generations to follow).

Then: Paul and Tracey with their daughters Chloe, Jasmine and Mariah.

The Turf Farm Family

Now: Paul and Tracey with their daughter Chloe, Son-in-law Mike and the next generation, Elijah.

How did the Turf Farm start?

The Turf Farm began as a diversification from Paul’s dryland cropping in early 2000’s after years of drought.  Paul & Tracey had battled with a succession of drought years and began to wonder if the farm could support generations on the farm into the future. They began looking at a diversification to drought proof the farm. 

Passionate about lawns, Paul followed his dream of owning his own turf farm and expanding his family enterprise. 

Paul & Tracey took the leap in early 2003 gathering family volunteers (Parents, brothers, two young kids and even Grandma Flo!) to help cut up stolons and hand plant 30cm apart in the paddock.  Although at first there were struggles, they did eventually expand their lawn production into what it is today; providing customers all over South Australia (trade, retail and commercial) with quality, premium lush green lawn!

From sales to production, marketing to administration, Paul & Tracey did it all! Although their team now includes 12-18 staff who give a helping hand, they are still a huge part of the business today with the intent to one day pass it down to the next generation.

The Turf Farm are proudly Lawn Solutions Australia and AusGAP accredited with a customer experience focus.  Our range now includes 4 premium lawn varieties, with something for any project.  Customer experience is our focus and passion, we value relationships with a personalised service; from the very first chat to delivery and aftercare.

We’re excited to have provided this friendly service for over 20 years and can’t wait to see what the next 20 years holds. 

Keep an eye out on our website and social media for some awesome stories, competitions, discounts and fun as we celebrate this huge milestone!

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