It’s our 18th birthday!

We’re celebrating! 

Today is our 18th birthday!

Never did we think, back in 2003, that our little turf business would become THIS amazing!

It has been an interesting and amazing 18 years. Topped off this previous year by a pandemic… We can really say we’ve experienced it all!

We’ve watched Sir Walter DNA Certified continue to be the ‘go anywhere, grow anywhere’ lawn and maintain its position as ‘Australias best buffalo!’ 

We’ve also seen the introduction of fantastic NEW varieties and watched as TifTuf Bermuda has swept the nation as the new drought tolerant superstar!

If you’d told us 18 years ago that you wouldn’t have to mow your lawn, we definitely wouldn’t have believed you! Yet, here we are, watching our Husqvarna automower doing it as we speak.

We can’t even imagine what the next 18 years might hold, but we’re certainly excited to find out. All we really hope for is more joy, laughter and of course, more lovely green lawn!

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