Treating your lawn in Autumn

All warm season grasses available through The Turf Farm love our hot summers and have plenty of vigorous growth over this time.

Now is the best time to start feeding and preparing your lawn for the coming winter months. The optimum time to do this is two applications of fertiliser: one in March and one in April/May (before the weather gets too cold).

In April/May using a fertiliser high in potassium will give your lawn protection going into the cold winter months. Potassium increases plant cell health and structure.

Lower the Mower!

If your lawn is a bit spongy in early autumn it would be a good idea to lower the mower and take out some of that extra growth before winter, just make sure that you leave the lawn longer for your last few pre winter mows (Mowing a little higher gives your lawn protection against frosts). If you have had trouble with fungus areas (dead patches in spring) now is the time to spray to prevent the fungus growth before winter with Mancozeb fungicide.

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