Top tips for the best summer lawn

Do you have dead or dry patches in your lawn? This could be a sign of under-watering or a soil problem. Thankfully, this minor issue can be easily rectified by establishing a good watering program and/or checking out the condition of the soil. Summer is also time to fertilise your lawn, so if you haven’t already done so, get a good quality fertiliser and feed your lawn.

  • During hot conditions, especially wind, your lawn will require extra waterings as it may dry out. So when you watch the weather report and notice a hot week coming up get off the couch and into the garden and pour that water on!
  • A good watering system that has uniform watering will save you money on your water bill. Check with your local landscaper on the most water efficient system for your lawn.
  • Money spent up front will save you hundreds of $$$ in the future.
  • Lawn is a great asset to your home- easy to maintain and with the right variety, low water usage. A good lawn also will add value to your home.
  • A lawn, unlike your garden, will bounce back after a drought period when you have been unable to water.
  • Lawn is a cheaper landscaping feature than garden or pavers.
  • Lawn will keep your home cooler- the surface temperature is 10 degrees cooler than bare soil, 20 degrees cooler than concrete and 40 degrees cooler than artificial turf!
  • Is your lawn losing colour or looking a bit yellow? If you haven’t already, it’s time for a top-up fertiliser.
  • Mowing high during summer increases your lawn’s resilience to heat.
  • During the hot months, give your lawn a deep watering early morning to reduce fungus attack.
  • It is important to select the correct variety for our region. We recommend Sir Walter premium lawn as it is drought tolerant, low maintenance and if properly maintained, will never need replacing.
  • If you are unable to water due to water restrictions or you’re going away and your neighbour won’t water your garden, Buffalo and Kikuyu varieties can be left to go brown, but will generally bounce back if fully established.

3 easy steps to a great summer lawn…

1. Fertilise with a good quality blend, such as Sir Walter Fertiliser

2. Deep infrequent waters

3. Mow every 7-10 days, only taking off 1/3 leaf

So how do you know if your lawn needs watering? Try the simple footprint test. Walk across you lawn and if you notice a footprint, your lawn is lacking water. If you lawn bounces back, it has adequate water. Watering correctly and still have issues? Call us today for FREE advice or check out our website for all you need to know about lawn.

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