Spring Your Lawn Out of Its Winter Woes

When spring is in full swing, it’s time to help your lawn to shake off its winter woes.

Putting in the work now will help prepare your lawn for the summer ahead.

During winter you would have cut down on waterings due to high rainfall in some areas, but when the warm Spring weather arrives, it’s time to start a regular watering routine.

A good mow will help get rid of any winter weeds that may have popped up during the colder weather, plus giving it a haircut will bring it back to its neat and tidy state.
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  • Watering
    We suggest watering once a week for 20 minutes during spring.
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  • Fertilising
    Spring is a perfect time to fertilise your lawn. Using a fertiliser high in nitrogen will help your lawn bounce back to its lush green colour and a slow release fertiliser will continue replenishing your lawn for up to 10 weeks.
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If your lawn is looking and feeling a little spongy, you may have built up a thatch layer. Not to worry, just drop the notch a few times on the mower for a nice low mow to dethatch your lawn.

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