Can you lay instant lawn in summer?

Is it ok to lay instant lawn during hot summer weather?

It sure is! In fact, it can be a perfect time because your lawn will establish quickly.  During summer, a new instant lawn can establish in two to three weeks, which is half the average establishment time of six weeks.

Water is crucial for a new lawn

Watering four to five times a day for just five to ten minutes will keep your new lawn damp. You don’t need lots of water, only small amounts regularly. Aim for approximately thirty minutes total collectively for the day. This regular watering, along with the summer heat, and your lawn will grow like crazy. In fact, the hotter the weather the quicker it will establish.

The crucial key REGULAR WATER.

A trick can be to throw a towel on the lawn, when the towel is totally dry it is time to water again for five to ten minutes.

Freshly cut instant lawn has no roots

Your new instant lawn has arrived with all the roots cut off during harvesting. It needs to regrow these roots in order to draw water from the soil.  So, it is crucial during this early phase to keep your lawn constantly damp, watering from on top.

No need to soak the soil before you lay the lawn as your lawn roots can’t reach this water anyway, just keeping it damp on top is all it needs.

Monitor the wind

Wind can dry your lawn out quicker, so it’s very important on windy days to monitor how quickly your lawn is drying.

When to reduce watering frequency

After three weeks OR when you can no longer lift up the lawn you can slowly begin to reduce the regularity of watering. Firstly, drop to two waterings per day, then one, then one every other day and so on until you can see your lawn is coping well with the watering schedule.

In a couple of months, deep watering once per week will encourage the roots to grow deeper and help your lawn to become drought tolerant.

Awesome Hint: How do you know if your lawn is hydrated?  Walk across your lawn, if you can see your footprints then your lawn is thirsty, if you can’t see your footprint and the lawn bounces back, your lawn is well hydrated.

If you are looking at laying lawn during summer the best question to ask yourself is; Am I able to keep a regular watering program throughout the day for a few weeks?  If the answer is yes, then go for it!

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