Autumn Lawn Care

Just like spring, autumn is a very important time of year for lawns. Everything you do now will set up your lawn for the next few months which gives it the best chance to stay healthy throughout winter.

In autumn the days get cooler and shorter, but there is still plenty of warmth in the soil which means that your lawn is still actively growing. This makes autumn the perfect time to fertilise, encouraging strong root development, winter colour and overall health and vigour.
Depending on where you live, aim to take action in March or April. The cooler your region the earlier you should act. It is best to aim to have your lawn in peak condition by Easter, after that it’s too late for many areas.
A bit of extra potassium will give your lawn added strength to go through a long, cold winter.
Fungus and Disease
This is the time of year that fungus can silently do damage to your lawn without you knowing, only to see the result in spring with dead and damaged spots. It is a good time to use a fungicide to prevent the fungus growth explosion. If you had damaged or dead patches of lawn last spring it is a good time for a treatment. It is best to treat your lawn at least two to three times, one month apart to ensure a good protection.
It’s best to keep the lawn slightly longer throughout these cooler months so it’s better equipped for photosynthesis and weed suppression.
To maintain the longer length, you’ll need to mow less frequently, which makes autumn the ideal time to maintain your mower.
Sharpen the blades, replace the spark plugs, use clean fuel and make sure all the parts are in good working order. Mowing too low in autumn and winter weakens the lawn, making it susceptible to weeds, pests and disease.
By now you would be watering less. It is best to water in the mornings at this time of year, watering in the evening can promote fungus growth as the lawn stays damp overnight. It is also best not to mow damp lawn as this will spread any disease.
Lawn grubs, army worm & other pests
One particularly annoying pest that is active during autumn is the lawn grub. Like armyworm, cutworm and sod webworm, they can cause serious damage to your lawn.
Keep an eye out for these pests and get onto them quickly with a grub control.

If you have any questions or concerns about your lawn please give us a call or email at The Turf Farm office and we can help you achieve a lawn you will love!

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