Top 3 Winter Lawn Care Products

The cold is well and truely here, so make sure your lawn is protected! Although your lawn doesn’t need a lot through winter, if you commit to keeping it healthy and weed-free, it will be better equipped to bounce back in spring with vigour! 

Plus, the dull browning of a winter lawn is not a good look, especially if your neighbour has already figured out the green goodness of ColourGuard Plus!

All of our products are available delivered to your home online here! 

ColourGuard Plus

The winter cold can really take the colour out of your lawn. Instantly restore the natural green colour with ColourGuard Plus!

Lawn Solutions All Purpose Weed Control 2L

All Purpose Weed Control

Weeds, weeds, weeds, you can’t avoid them all! If you see any pop up through the cooler months, it’s best to target them straight away with a herbicide such as All Purpose Weed Control.

Lawn Solutions Oxafert 3kg bag


Unfortunately, weeds take this opportune winter time to infiltrate your dormant lawn. Stop them before they establish with a weed pre-emergent such as Oxafert!


In preparation for Spring, we have some fantastic discounts on pest control products! Stock up now and benefit from up to 32% off our top recommended products such as Acelepryn, Patrol and Grub Guard!

Get rid of Pests

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