Seeded VS Instant Lawn

When choosing between seeded lawn or roll out instant lawn, you need to weigh up all facts

What is a seeded lawn?

A seeded lawn is grown from a seed that is planted in the ground and germinates. There are various types of seed packs to choose from and they usually come in mixed forms, often with a Rye grass and Kikuyu blend. Seeded lawns must be kept damp, weed free and have no traffic while they are being established. This can take up to 12 months.

What is roll out instant lawn?

Instant lawn is grown on the farm for up to 18 months where it is fertilised, watered and mowed. It’s then cut by a sod harvester, transported to the site and rolled out. After being laid, instant lawn must be kept damp at all times during the first few weeks. In 6-8 weeks the lawn will be fully established and can be used as per usual.


The initial purchase cost of a seeded lawn is low. However, the ongoing expenses of maintenance, watering and repairing patches can eat into your budget. Most seeded lawns require up to 66% more water than an instant lawn variety. Instant lawn is a bit more up front. However, once established you have a beautiful, drought tolerant, lawn for life!


As the name suggests, once rolled out, instant lawn greens up an area immediately and only takes 6-8 weeks on average to establish. Seeded lawns can take up to 12 months to fully establish and often the growth can be sparse resulting in an uneven patchy look, particularly if they are a blended mix. You’ll normally need to continue to re-seed areas over the lifetime of the lawn.


Seeded lawns success rate is highly dependent on the time of year and climate. You should plant a seeded lawn in the cooler months as hot weather can stress the grass, resulting in it dying. With roll out instant lawn, you can install it at any time of the year in all climates.

Suitability & Looks

Instant lawn comes in different varieties, with a lawn to suit all areas and requirements. It has a higher wear and tear tolerance, higher shade tolerance and is pet friendly. It also has more of an even growth pattern and will grow consistently in all areas. Seeded lawn can be patchy and uneven, especially if you don’t continue to reseed where required.

You’ll may notice that good-looking lawns have been established from instant roll out lawn, rather than seeded. The seeds produced by instant lawn are generally sterile, meaning that the seeds are not fertile and only spread by runners which can be controlled. Seeded lawns, on the other hand, will continually produce more seed which can spread right through your (and your neighbours) yard.

  • What is the look you are after?
  • What is the purpose of the lawn?
  • Do you need it to be drought tolerant and hardy?

Seeded lawns are a blend of various seeds that germinate at different stages while instant lawn is one variety producing even growth and establishing at the same time. Choosing your variety wisely will determine how your lawn will be looking in a few years time.

Seeded lawns can have its problems. However, if you have patience, plenty of water and are happy to spend the time, seeded lawns planted properly and looked after thoroughly, they can result in a successful lawn.

You may need to save up for an instant lawn before you lay. However, long term these lawns will be the easiest to maintain, drought tolerant and the best looking lawns on the street for many years to come.

In the end the choice is yours and what best suits your lifestyle!

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