Mushrooms in lawns

Have you noticed mushrooms growing through your lawn, especially if it’s newly established?

If so, don’t worry! Mushrooms are a harmless fungus and will not hurt your lawn.

Organic soils and lawn underlays which are often spread prior to laying new lawns can often contain a small amount of mushroom spores or compost. Combine that with humidity and dampness and the fungus will start to grow!

If you want to get rid of them fast, an easy application of Mancozeb Fungicide over the whole lawn is the best option. This can also be used as a preventative in autumn to ensure they don’t pop up over late autumn-winter.

HEALTH WARNING: Please do not eat any mushrooms or toadstools, as some varieties are poisonous.

This fungicide can be purchased from our online lawn store or from any quality garden or landscape centre.

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