Fungus and Disease

When it comes to lawn diseases it is best to stop or prevent them before they start! Did you have any dead or disease spots during last spring? Patches dying off? Lack of water and food are one cause of dead areas, however there is a chance you could have had disease. Now is the time to treat the fungus that causes damage.

Fungus multiplies during Autumn silently without you noticing, the damage is done long before you see the problems in spring.

Make sure your lawn is well fed in spring and summer, keeping the plant healthy and strong. Mow regularly, only taking off one third of the leaf blade, as cutting lawn too short weakens the plant. Water only in the mornings or daytime during autumn; watering in the evening promotes fungus growth as the lawn is damp overnight.

Treating your lawn with a fungicide such as Mancozeb (available at most garden centres) is an effective way of managing fungus. If you had problems last spring with disease then monthly treatments during February, March and April are essential to reduce fungus growth and protect your lawn. Always follow the directions on the label. Like many medications, several treatments ensure a better protection.

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