How to care for your new lawn in summer

Summer is here and your new lawn will be growing rapidly, using water and absorbing nutrients.

Lawns take around 12 full months to establish a good strong root system and become drought tolerant.

During this first twelve months of your lawns life, it will need a little more TLC. The root system is shallow and will dry out much faster in the heat than an established lawn.

Lookout for a greyish colour with a limp leaf, this is the first sign of dehydration.  If you walk across your lawn and can see the imprint of your footsteps, it is time to give your lawn a drink. To stimulate root growth, give a deep soak once per week and during hot weather and top up with one, two or more (if your lawn is newer) shorter watering’s. Give your lawn a deep soak when any concerning areas arise and if they perk up, then you know it is a watering issue.

7 tips if your lawn is looking a little flat…

  1. Deep soak to top up water stores
  2. Keep up regular watering’s during hot weather
  3. Check your watering system is working and is watering evenly across your lawn
  4. Top dress any problem areas, this will help retain moisture
  5. Water in the cool of the day to avoid evaporation
  6. Fertilise only when weather is forecast for under 30 degrees
  7. Regular mowing is essential, however lift your mower a notch or two and leave the leaf blade a little longer in hot weather
Dry lawn with big watering issues
Lawn recovering after deep soaking and regular waterings

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