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There are so many reasons why Sir Walter is Australia’s No. 1 Buffalo. Sir Walter Buffalo Lawn has stood the test of time, proving time and time again that it will go anywhere and grow anywhere.


Eureka Kikuyu Grass
Looking for an economical all-rounder?
Then Eureka Kikuyu is your choice of lawn.
A proven performer in most Australian climates, Eureka Kikuyu is a vigorous grower that stands up to a wide range of conditions.


Nullarbor Couch Grass

Nullarbor Couch! Selected by Lawn Solutions Australia as the very best performing couch for your home lawn, Nullarbor Couch is the couch variety that is best suited to your region and is the perfect choice in couch grass for your yard.


RTF Rhizomatous Tall Fescue Grass

RTF performed better than any other cool season grass.


Platinum Zoysia Lawn

If a finer blade grass is your preference, then go no further than Platinum Zoysia. Selected by Lawn Solutions Australia as an excellent performing lawn grass, Platinum Zoysia is the best suited Zoysia variety for your region, and may be the answer for your yard.


Lawn Solutions Australia ACCREDITATION

THE TURF FARM is now an accredited member of the Lawn Solutions Group.

LSA Product Warranty Certificate

For the past decade a group of Australia’s leading turf growers have been searching the world over to bring together a complete one stop shop for all things turf, from lawns, to lawn care products to lawn care services. In 2012, these pioneers of the industry came together and created Lawn Solutions Australia (LSA). Eighteen months in the making, in autumn 2014 Lawn Solutions Australia will be ready to offer a complete lawn solution, both commercially and to the home lawn consumer. Available nationally from all Lawn Solutions Australia accredited growers. The new Lawn Solutions turf brands that will be ready for market in autumn 2014. With a range of products and services you will have to see to believe, Lawn Solutions Australia is setting standards never seen before in the Australian Turf Market.

Lawn Solutions Australia(LSA) will bring together Australia’s leading accredited turf growers under a single banner to supply nationally branded turf varieties, as well as a range of value-added products and services. LSA is wholly Australian owned and operated group of Australian leading turf producers coming together under a single banner, being the largest turf industry group covering 55% of turf production in Australia. The LSA group and its exclusive turf brands have been developed off the back of the success of Australia’s No 1 soft-leaf buffalo, Sir Walter. All the members of the group are Sir Walter growers, and are promising the same ‘gold standard’ of performance in the new range of turf brands, lawn care products and services. It’s good news in an industry where turf varieties quickly change in the market or are branded differently across the country, causing confusion among specifiers and customers. Currently there are nearly 70 turf varieties in the Australian market, with more on the way, we’re putting an end to the confusion created by this mess of varieties and brands. Each of the LSA  members will grow and sell the best regional varieties that will be offered under our uniform, national brand names.  The Lawn Solutions Australia ‘house of brands’ is made up of: Sir Walter soft-leaf buffalo, Nullarbor Couch Commercial, Nullarbor Sport, Nullarbor Home, Platinum Zoysia, Eureka Kikuyu, Tropical Carpet Grass, RTF Fescue. Customers will still get the variety of couch or kikuyu that best suits their local conditions, but they will be marketed under a national brand names. The launch of Lawn Solutions Australia will be a game-changer for our industry and our customers, Lawn Solutions Australia is taking the Australian turf industry to a new level of professionalism, and our commercial customers will be the big winners.

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  • Dave

    Hi, is Platinum Zoysia available? I am in the Adelaide Hills and looking to plant rollout lawn this month.

    • Tracey Daniel

      Hi Dave
      Currently we do not have a Zoysia available in South Australia. Platinum Zoysia is more suited to warmer climates and not available in southern states, however Sir Grange Zoysia has performed well in trials here and should be available in South Australia later in 2018. Sir Grange has performed well in cooler climates, is a fine leaf lawn that can be mowed to varying heights. It is sun and shade tolerant, but best of all very low maintenance. Making it a fantastic choice. If you require lawn in the short term, please give us a call and we can talk about some options. Thank you for your enquiry.

  • Brian Ralphs.

    I reseeded my lawn in Oct 2018 and it came up beautifully but by late December brown patches appeared all over the place. I used Richgro Killa lawn beetle and grub liquid and later granular treatment but it has not improved the problem. I have tried the granules again but to no avail. I am not sure if overuse is a possibility. I wanted to send you a photo. of the area but I am unable to find your site again where that was an option. A neighbour who has a magnificent Sir Walter Buffalo lawn suggested my problem was Cock Chaffers. I really enjoy my garden but the lawn is a disappointment.

    Any suggestions are very welcome.

    • Turf Farm

      Hi Brian,

      We mostly deal with instant lawn enquiries, and understand that there are different requirements for seeded lawns. However, we have some information to do with seeded lawns on our website.

      Seeded lawns must be kept damp, weed free and have no traffic while they are being established. Seeded lawns can take up to 12 months to fully establish and often the growth can be sparse resulting in an uneven patchy look, particularly if they are a blended mix. You’ll normally need to continue to re-seed areas over the lifetime of the lawn.

      Seeded lawns success rate is highly dependent on the time of year and climate. You should plant a seeded lawn in the cooler months as hot weather can stress the grass, resulting in it dying.

      Hopefully this was helpful, otherwise we recommend going to a local supplier of seeded lawn who might know a bit more.

      Kind Regards,
      The Turf Farm Crew

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