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Kim Syrus heads up SA’s newest lifestyle show

For all things gardening, sustainability and outdoor living, check out the show at 4:30 Sundays on Channel 9. The Turf Farm features in a few episodes providing a range of advice on keeping your lawn looking beautiful.

Here are some of the highlights featuring advice for your lawn.

Outdoors Indoors Ep 01 – Spring Time

Advice on how to best treat your lawn when coming out of winter into spring.

Outdoors Indoors Ep 02 – Avoiding weeds in lawn

The Turf Farm has been growing and supplying instant turf for over 15 years. Here’s some advice on getting rid of weeds in your lawn.

Outdoors Indoors Ep 03 – Dogs & Lawns

Advice on the best lawns to have in your yard if you have an active dog.

Outdoors Indoors Ep 04 – Lawn health

Fertilising your lawn to give it resilience against weeds, diseases and pests during winter.

Outdoors Indoors Ep 05 – Preparing lawn for winter

What you need to do to get your lawn ready for a long cold winter.

Outdoors Indoors Ep 07 – Kids & Lawn

The back yard is a great place for kids. Here’s some tips on choosing the right lawn and keeping it healthy from the wear and tear.

Outdoors Indoors Ep 08 – Fungal diseases

How to identify if you have a fungal disease in your lawn and what to do about it.

Outdoors Indoors Ep 09 – Lawn varieties

Characteristics of different lawn types so you can identify which lawn you have.

Outdoors Indoors Ep 10 – Winter & Lawn

More tips on caring for your lawn over winter to keep it strong and healthy.

Outdoors Indoors Ep 11 – Bare patches in lawn

How to deal with both small and large bare patches in your lawn.

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