Treating Your Lawn This Winter

Some Helpful Tips to Keep Your Lawn in Shape This Winter

Warm season grasses go into varying levels of dormancy during winter depending on where you live. You will quite often experience slowing down in vigour and growth of your lawn. Be aware that your lawn is at its most vulnerable stage during winter so treat it with care.

Cool season grasses come to life in Winter and will need mowing and watering. Although most people choose warm season grasses.

If you haven’t already FERTILISED your lawn in Autumn we strongly recommend you do to give your lawn the boost it needs. A fertiliser high in Potassium is perfect to give your lawn winter strength. It is also a good idea to fertilise in August with a liquid fertiliser to bounce your lawn out of winter.

When MOWING during winter, it is best to leave the leaf length on the longer side to provide winter protection for the plant. Lift your mower a couple of notches higher before you mow. Your lawn will probably only need mowing every 4-5 weeks during Winter. We recommend you remove no more then one third of the leaf blade. In shady areas keep your lawn longer to avoid winter stress and damage.

WEEDS love Winter, especially the winter weeds that pop through when the lawn slows down its growth. The trick is to jump onto them straight away by either hand weeding, mowing the weeds and the very tips of the lawn as possible or spraying. Remember one year’s seeding equals seven years weeding.

WEAR in the lawn can occur predominantly in the cooler months. To manage damage and prevent stress of your lawn avoid heavy traffic constantly on the same spot of lawn and especially in shady areas.

WATER far less frequently throughout winter and only if your lawn needs it. For all those automatic irrigation systems, turn off during winter and water as needed. In frost prone areas, a predawn watering on a frosty morning will help to maintain colour.

REMEMBER you can purchase all your lawn care products on our online store delivered to your door and give us a call with any lawn care questions.

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