Can I lay lawn in Summer?

In summer, warm season turf varieties like buffalo, couch, kikuyu, and zoysia will actively be growing for a quicker establishment. This means your new lawn will be ready to use sooner than you may think! That’s why, yes you can lay new lawn in Summer!

Benefits of laying lawn in summer

It might be hot, and the actual laying of your lawn might be a sweaty job, but laying lawn in summer comes with some real benefits!

  • Lawn is in its peak growing season at this time of year which means it’s in tip-top shape to be harvested and is green and lush!
  • The warmer weather does mean a little extra watering, but you will find your new lawn establishes with a deep root system a lot quicker.
  • If you get new lawn at the beginning of December, you can have an established lawn just in time for Christmas day!

Top tips for laying your lawn in summer

Make sure your area is levelled and ready to go for when your lawn is delivered!

If possible, install your lawn as soon as it is delivered. If not, have our driver place in a shady spot or place a damp sheet over the top.

If installing a lawn on a larger area, irrigate sections as soon as the turf is laid and then continue to install the rest of the lawn.

Give the entire area a really good water after it is laid.

Once installed water the lawn enough so the roots of the grass stay damp and don’t dry out (multiple times a day for 5-10 minutes). On extremely hot days, check the turf every few hours to see if it needs another water.

Once the lawn has started to root down into the soil profile you can start to reduce your watering’s.

Don’t wait too long to mow! Once your lawn has taken root and the leaf is growing, you can start mowing! This could be a lot sooner than you think, so don’t leave it too late.

If you have any further questions, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us!
And, if you want to lay some lawn before Christmas, get in quick as delivery spots are filling up fast! Give us a call (08) 8577 8826.

Grass watered with pop up sprinklers

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